Most Influential Consumer Goods Startups Shaping Austin’s Future

From brand holding companies to consumer goods, Austin, Texas has become a hub of thriving startups in the United States. The city has carved out a unique niche in the startup ecosystem, made up primarily of innovative consumer goods startups. These ventures, characterized by their disruptive business models and products that touch on every aspect of consumers’ lives, are an integral part of Austin’s growing reputation as a startup city. Let’s delve into some of the fascinating consumer goods startups that are currently making waves in Austin.

Profound Commerce

Founded by Matt Howitt and Nirav Bhagat, Profound Commerce is a consumer goods and e-commerce startup. As a brand holding company, Profound Commerce maintains an employee presence in Austin, TX and Cebu City, Philippines.

Canteen Spirits

Canteen Spirits, co-founded by Brandon Cason, Caroline R. Fabacher, and Daniel Barnes, adds a new twist to the beverage industry by offering a line-up of Vodka Soda drinks conveniently packed in 12oz cans.


Introducing a simple but impactful line of teas, Dosed, founded by Adeline Armstrong Riley, offers products imbued with functional health and wellness benefits.


Choq is a manufacturing company that provides supplements aimed at promoting hormone health, testosterone, stress support, thyroid health, and other aspects of wellness. Although the founders are not mentioned, their distinctive line of products certainly piques interest.

Funk It

Focused on hormonal health, the founders Claire Clark and Kate Morton, created Funk It as a provider of specialized products backed by community support to promote overall wellbeing.

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Supply Drop

Coined by Andrew Busey, Supply Drop simplifies home supplies shopping by curating and delivering the necessary goods directly to customers’ doors.

Redbud Brands

Developed by Brian Goldberg,
Redbud Brands serves as a development studio that amalgamates people, ideas, and capital to create consumer-centric companies.

Michal Morrison, Inc.

Bringing the next generation of biomimetic skincare technology to life, Michal Morrison, Inc. combines science and consumer need to offer enhanced skincare solutions.


Known for extensive range of services, Veseris is a startup that distributes a plethora of pest management and environmental products and services.


Founded by Jon Olsen, Vaask designs and manufactures hand sanitizer fixtures suitable for demanding commercial environments.


With a distinctly joyful approach to skincare and beauty, Kiramoon has made a mark in the cosmetics and retail industry with their online retail platform.

GO Cogitate

Spearheaded by Kevin Brodwick, GO Cogitate is devoted to launching next-generation consumer goods businesses that also prioritize sustainability.


Neutrall is an eco-conscious e-commerce retailer that offers a range of eco-friendly glassware, including glasses, bowls, cups, and more.


Initiated by Stephen Vlahos, Gratsi brings the wine industry directly to consumers with their unique e-commerce platform.

Foundry Brands

Co-founded by Kyle Walker, Matt Rhodes, and Stefan Haney, Foundry Brands offers a platform that supports and acquires online brands, thus helping other startups achieve sustainable growth.

Spawning a wide variety from consumer goods to tech-enabled commerce, these startups from Austin tell us much about the city’s vibrant and diverse business scene. They’re daring, innovative, and demonstrate the city’s commitment to fostering a supportive ecosystem for startups. With companies like these, it’s no surprise that Austin is quickly becoming a leading destination for startups not just in the U.S., but worldwide.

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