Influential Atlanta Logistics Startups Revolutionizing Georgia’s Supply Chain Industry

From Atlanta, Georgia, numerous startups have emerged in recent times, playing critical roles in the seamless running of global supply chains. These startups, often leveraging advanced technology, cater to the diverse needs of businesses, providing solutions such as warehousing, logistics, payment services, and more. Let’s take a tour through some of the innovative logistics startups making waves from the Atlanta tech scene.

Atlanta is quickly emerging as a hub for logistics startups owing to its strategic location connecting the city to major shipping routes and multiple transportation networks. This, coupled with Atlanta’s robust tech scene, fosters a conducive environment for logistics startups to thrive. From startups offering workspace solutions for e-commerce entrepreneurs to those providing innovative payment solutions tailored for the logistics industry, the city has got it all.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the impressive range of logistics startups of Atlanta, exploring the unique offerings they bring to the table.


Saltbox is redefining the way e-commerce entrepreneurs work by providing workspaces equipped with fulfillment and logistics support. Founded by Maxwell Bonnie, Paul D’Arrigo, and Tyler Scriven, Saltbox has solidified its position in the E-Commerce, Logistics, Transportation, and Warehousing industry.

Relay Payments

Founded by Ryan Droege and Spencer Barkoff, Relay Payments is transforming the logistics industry with an end-to-end payment network. Offering enterprises a new means to execute payments, Relay Payments brings innovation to the Finance, FinTech, Logistics, Payments, and Supply Chain Management sector.

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Slip Robotics

Getting recognition for its innovative solutions in the Industrial, Logistics, and Robotics sector, Slip Robotics is dedicated to increasing operating efficiency in warehousing, logistics, and the supply chain industry.


Prepshipping is a logistics company with a unique offering. It provides return management, warehousing, and air cargo services, taking an innovative approach to the Air Transportation, Logistics, Shipping, and Warehousing industry.


Fridgio is an Information Technology company that operates a digital marketplace. It allows companies to monitor refrigerated logistics, providing an innovative solution to complexities in the IT, Logistics, and Software industry.


The trio of Anya Skomorokhova, Jonathan Porter, and their team established PorterLogic with an aim to revolutionize the supply chain tech stack. They seek to drive profitable and efficient growth by filling gaps without replacing existing systems, making them players in the Logistics, Software, Supply Chain Management, and Warehousing sector.

Agile Cold Storage

Agile Cold Storage is a name to reckon within the Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Transportation sector. They present themselves as the go-to service provider for cold storage solutions.

Blooms Logistics

Founder Bloom Bloom’s brainchild, Blooms Logistics, is categorized under the Freight Service, Logistics, and Transportation sector. This company provides freight services through vans, trucks, and flatbeds, ensuring the smooth transfer of goods.

Carpool Logistics

Founders Eric Morris, Joe Norton, and Michael Malakhov built Carpool Logistics as a platform that offers automotive logistics services. Its unique approach to business bolsters the Automotive and Logistics industry.


Wove aims to transform supply chains globally. Founded by David Xu and Jay Edlin, Wove seeks to introduce embedded collaboration and workflow automation to the world’s largest supply chain and logistics networks.

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Arcadia Cold Storage & Logistics

Arcadia Cold Storage & Logistics is a transportation company that offers cold storage and blast freezing.

Tesserae Technologies

Tesserae Technologies focuses on distributing and importing commercial tile and stone.


The team behind Boomerang, including founders, Ben Freedman, Brendan Maaghul, and Mark Lentini, offers something unique – they specialize in reverse logistics through technology platforms.


Kicky is where the art world meets advanced technologies. Founders Brenton Strine and Luke Keller focus on unlocking access to great art while achieving fair compensation.


Bolstering the FinTech, Freight Service, Logistics, Payments, Software, Sustainability, and Transportation sectors, Nauvus delivers Freight Network software and Payments solutions to the transportation industry.

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