Miami’s Health Care Startups Revolutionizing U.S. Medical Innovations in 2023

Healthcare startups based in Miami, Florida, have been making waves in the industry, offering innovative solutions across a variety of sectors. From hand hygiene tracking systems to personalized patient engagement solutions, these startups are revolutionizing health care through technology and creativity. This piece highlights a selection of standout health care startups, offering readers an insight into their unique offerings and the founders behind these impressive innovations.

Miami, often regarded as a hub for entrepreneurship and innovation, is becoming a significant player in the world of health care startups. The city’s vibrant culture, thriving business ecosystem, and world-class health care facilities create a favorable environment for new and established startups alike. The health care industry is characterized by its ever-evolving nature, and Miami-based startups are at the forefront of this transformation, pushing boundaries and disrupting traditional methods of care.

The startups featured in this article represent a cross-section of the varied and innovative approaches Miami’s entrepreneurs are employing to address health care challenges. By leveraging technology, they are improving patient outcomes, increasing accessibility, promoting wellness, and providing solutions for both patients and healthcare providers. The featured startups were selected for their potential to make significant contributions to the health care industry, based on their unique value propositions, revolutionary technology, visionary leadership, and promising growth trajectories.


Ostro is reshaping the healthcare landscape by providing personalized engagement solutions for the life sciences sector. Founded by Ahmed Elsayyad, Chase Feiger, and Ryan Junee, Ostro stands at the intersection of Health Care, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical, and Software industries, making it a unique contender in the market.

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Caribou is a healthcare planning software designed especially for the financial service industry. The brainchild of Christine Simone and Cory Blumenfeld, Caribou helps streamline Financial Services, Health Care, Personal Health, and Software.

Intelligent Observation

Spearheaded by Seth Freedman, Intelligent Observation presents an automated hand hygiene tracking system, aiming to enhance compliance and minimize the risk of infection in the Health Care, Hospital, and Medical Device sectors.


LeafWell, co-founded by Emily Fisher, offers a unique blend of data science, cannabis, and patient advocacy in the Health Care, Medical, and Wellness fields. This forward-thinking startup prioritizes customized patient experiences and care.

Opcion Yo

Opcion Yo, founded by Daniela Sichel and Mariana Morales Girala, specializes in providing evidence-based emotional health and wellness services accessible through a variety of online resources in the Corporate Training, Health Care, Lifestyle, and Wellness industry.

Modern Trials

Modern Trials stands out as a groundbreaking pharmaceutical and clinical research organization in the Health Care, Medical, and Pharmaceutical industry, leading the way in modernized clinical trials.

Infinity Doctors

Known for their digital healthcare solutions, Infinity Doctors, led by Fabio Cristilli, merges Health Care, Medical, and Wellness sectors, improving accessibility and healthcare experiences.

Smile Institute

In the Dental, Health Care, Hospital, Medical, and Rehabilitation fields, Smile Institute offers dental surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and emergency dental services, embodying commitment to excellence.


Operating within the Cannabis, Health Care, and Medical sectors, Leafwell is forging new paths in cannabis treatment, research, telemedicine, patient monitoring, and therapy services.


StudyProtocol provides a cutting-edge software solution designed to streamline patient recruitment for clinical trials in the Clinical Trials, Health Care, Life Science, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Recruiting, and Software industries.

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Atrio Insurance

Atrio Insurance specializes in Health, Commercial, Auto, and Life insurance services, highlighting the importance of holistic coverage in the Auto Insurance, Health Care, Health Insurance, and Insurance sectors.

Sante Nou Health

The technology company Sante Nou Health is focused on improving lives by connecting patients to healthcare providers, disrupting the Health Care, Information Technology, and Online Portals industries.

Always Keep Progressing

Always Keep Progressing is a private speech-language pathology and occupational therapy practice, redefining care in the Health Care, Hospital, and Personal Health sectors.

New Health Partners

New Health Partners drives innovation in CRM, marketing, and health insurance services in the CRM, Health Care, Health Insurance, Insurance, and Marketing industries.

305 Plastic Surgery

305 Plastic Surgery offers top-tier cosmetic surgery services in the Cosmetic Surgery, Health Care, Personal Health, and Women’s industries, demonstrating the significant strides made by start-ups in the health care sector.

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