Influential Austin Residential Startups Reshaping Texas Real Estate in 2023

Austin, Texas boasts a thriving startup scene that is making a significant impact in the residential sector. From the construction of smart homes suitable both on Earth and Mars, to innovative solutions aimed at reducing the cost of real estate, startups in Austin are redefining the way we view and interact with residential sectors. This article showcases a selection of these innovative startups that are helping to shape the landscape of residential transactions, services, and lifestyle in Austin.

From green-energy driven enterprises such as MasterBuilt Roofing and Cycle Solar, to realty firms like Gunn Real Estate Group and Uncommon Realty, the startups we’re focusing on are situated at the intersection of innovation, technology, and residential living. Holistic care for mental health conditions and offering solutions for the management of residential amenities are also on the agenda of Austin’s forward thinking residential startups. Through technological advancements and people-centered approaches, these startups are opening up new prospects for the residential sector in Austin and beyond.

So, buckle up and delve into the vibrant ecosystem of residential startups from Austin, Texas. For every startup, we provide a brief overview and a link to their website, which you can visit for more specific details.


Astreia is carving a niche for itself in the construction, residential, smart building, and space travel industry. This ambitious startup, founded by Natalie Rens, aims to build intelligent homes that are ideally suited for living on both Earth and Mars.

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MasterBuilt Roofing

MasterBuilt Roofing is a residential and commercial solar roofing company. This startup is committed to leveraging renewable energy sources, aligned with the solar revolution in the commercial and residential construction industry.

Gunn Real Estate Group

Offering real estate brokerage services, Gunn Real Estate Group provides top-notch customer service in real estate and real estate investments. Their residential services are reliable and geared towards the client’s needs.

Mental Health America of Texas

Recognizing the need to maintain mental wellbeing in the residential sector, Mental Health America of Texas provides treatment for mental illnesses, including services in health care and nursing and residential care.


The team at Ownwell, consisting of Colton Pace, Frank DiZenzo, and Joseph Noor, has devised an online solution that reduces the cost of real estate ownership, revolutionizing both the commercial and residential space.


iappraisal handles appraisal management and provides residential, commercial and property valuation services, offering comprehensive solutions in the property management ecosystem.

Narrow Road Group

An investor, operator, and developer of residential real estate, Narrow Road Group is making waves in property development, property management, real estate investment, and more.

South Shore District

South Shore District is an advanced apartment complex providing energy-saving digital programmable thermostats and recycling and trash services.

Rival Realty

With a focus on residential real estate, Rival Realty offers comprehensive home selling and buying services.

Solidago Residential Services

Solidago Residential Services specializes in reimagining management services, revolutionizing the real estate and property management industry.

Legion Health

Legion Health, founded by Arthur MacWaters, Daniel Wilson, and Yash Patel, connects high-quality mental health professionals to organizations that need them, effectively bridging the gap in the mental health sector.

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Red Oak Development Group

Red Oak Development Group is a real estate development firm focusing on land development and mixed-use development services. They are committed to bringing changes in home services, landscaping, real estate, and more.

Cycle Solar

Cycle Solar is a solar roofing company that is steering the energy sector towards more sustainable and renewable sources.

Uncommon Realty

Uncommon Realty provides commendable commercial or residential project sales, development, and brokerage services.


Finally, homebldr, founded by Adam Eldibany, offers turnkey iBuyer solutions for real estate brokerages in the home improvement, home renovation, property management, real estate, real estate investment, and residential industry.

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