Top Influential Austin Retail Startups Redefining Texas Commerce in 2023

As the capital of Texas, Austin is a bustling city known for its vibrant live music scene, stunning landscapes, and a burgeoning tech scene. Amongst the numerous sectors thriving in this tech hub, the retail startup scene stands out for its innovative ideas and robust growth. Here, we will introduce you to some of the city’s most exciting retail startups, their founders, and the unique products and services they bring to the table.

These startups are not just retailing products, but are redefining the way we shop and engage with brands – from dietary supplements to shoes, beauty products, and more. Furthermore, these ventures reflect Austin’s commitment to sustainability, female entrepreneurship, and community building, affirming the city’s position as a leading innovator in the global retail landscape. Let’s take a closer look at these promising ventures.

This article aims to cover a range of startups in Austin’s retail scene. From dietary supplements to footwear, beauty products, and more, these startups highlight the innovation within Austin’s vibrant retail scene.


Choq is a supplements manufacturing company that focuses on offering hormone health, testosterone, stress support, thyroid health, and herbal products. Its approach to health and wellness is rooted in science and balanced with a respect for centuries-old traditions of herbal medicines. The founders are yet to be identified.

Force of Nature

Co-founded by Robby Sansom, Force of Nature offers a variety of meat products. The startup sets itself apart by prioritizing sustainability and animal welfare, only sourcing from farmers applying regenerative agriculture practices.

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Hannah Davis is leading the way with BANGS Shoes, a retail company specializing in shoes, boots, and sports gear. This startup helps consumers make a social impact with their purchases by investing 20% of net profits in helping entrepreneurs start businesses around the world.

Blue Chip Official

Nolan Welch founded Blue Chip Official, an outsourced marketing/sales firm that specializes in new account acquisition and brand management. Blue Chip Official uses a personalized approach to help businesses grow by employing proven marketing strategies.

Chisos Boots

Chisos Boots, a company offering a vast range of cowboy boots, is notable for its advocacy for Texas’s land conservation. By creating products that pay tribute to the Texas spirit and heritage, it is reshaping the consumer goods industry while championing for environmental causes. Its founders are unidentified.


Founded by Lukasz Lebensztejn, leadsonics is an e-commerce company retailing autoclave, steam sterilization, and other medical equipment, catering to a global market with its extensive portfolio of state-of-the-art medical devices.

Radical Girl Gang

Radical Girl Gang, founded by Bre Cruickshank, is the online marketplace that brings together emerging women-owned brands. By supporting and promoting these brands, Radical Girl Gang offers shoppers a unique and diverse range of products while stimulating female entrepreneurship.


Allhers is developing a local buy and sell community exclusively for women. With a strong commitment to empowering women and fostering a safe, supportive space, Allhers is changing the landscape of e-commerce for women. The founders are yet to be identified.


Kiramoon is a joyous beauty brand offering skincare and tools. Emphasizing self-love, Kiramoon invites its community to redefine beauty norms and enjoy skincare routines as a fun, self-affirming process. The Founders are unidentified.

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GO Cogitate

GO Cogitate, co-founded by Kevin Brodwick, is committed to launching next-generation consumer goods businesses that improve the planet. It’s redefining the consumer goods sector through sustainability and innovation.


Offering a selection of eco-friendly glassware including bowls, glasses, cups, Neutrall is a retail e-commerce store committed to reducing our environmental footprint. This startup is leading the charge to a more sustainable future through its wide range of sustainable home products. The founders are yet to be identified.

Founded by Bradley Markham, is a retailer of reusable and disposable face masks. This company’s commitment to public health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic has positioned it as a reliable and trusted solutions provider amidst the ongoing health crisis.


GoalProfit, co-founded by Maxim Morozov and Oleg Sidorkin, is an AI-driven, real-time data platform that aids in making critical business decisions. It stands as an example of how technology and retail can converge to create intelligent solutions for businesses.


FEELIT has pioneered a try-before-you-buy online candle platform, translating the in-store experience to an online setting. This innovative approach to e-commerce enhances customer satisfaction and simplifies buying decisions. The Founders are unidentified.


David Loveland founded Yocal, a co-marketing platform. This startup promotes local businesses and encourages community growth through its powerful digital marketing tools. By cultivating local loyalty, Yocal assists small businesses in navigating the digital space.

In conclusion, Austin’s retail startups are making waves with their innovative products, services, and business models. Beyond simply selling products, these ventures are redefining the consumer’s shopping experience, fostering communities, championing sustainability, and supporting women-led businesses. As we keep our eyes on Austin’s emerging retail scene, it’s clear that this city will continue to be a hub of innovation for years to come.

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