Top Influential Design Startups Shaping Austin’s Future in 2023

Innovation is a cornerstone of thriving startup ecosystems, and in Austin, Texas, the confluence of great design and cutting-edge start-ups is reshaping industries. The city’s design startups are pushing boundaries, creatively solving challenging problems, and redefining the design landscape across industries such as automotive, gaming, marketing, and more. These innovative startups are the epitome of Austin’s unique fusion of creativity and technology.

Austin’s design start-ups are leading the way, cultivating unique ideas into practical solutions. Their emphasis on superior design as a vital part of offering excellent products and services signals a redefinition of conventional startup strategies. Here, we scour Austin’s dynamic startup scene to spotlight some of the most interesting design startups that are creating waves of innovation in their respective industries.

Let us embark on a journey through Austin’s exciting landscape of innovative design startups:


Wrexx is revolutionizing safety in the automotive industry, primarily focusing on motorcycles and off-road light vehicles. Their automated crash response system is an example of how intelligent design can ensure safety and revolutionize the transportation industry. The founders of Wrexx demonstrate a commitment to intelligent design and safety, filling a critical niche in the Automotive and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry.

A vital part of Austin’s graphic design landscape,, offers unique branding services, including logo design. With a fine blend of marketing and software applications, they provide businesses with an edge through memorable branding.

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Archetype Entertainment

Archetype Entertainment, a video game development studio founded by Chad Robertson, Drew Karpyshyn, and James Ohlen. Their focus on graphic design and software solutions give them a competitive edge in the industry. Check out their work at Archetype Entertainment.


Dallas Gotschall and Leigh Lepore’s mintr is a brand and a digital marketing agency that helps companies launch, grow, and last. A powerhouse in advertising, brand marketing, creative agency, digital marketing, web design, and web development; they provide a complete suite of marketing services.


Disrupting the paper production industry, Poucheo offers a patent-pending process to make paper products waterproof, durable, and eco-friendly. They combine fashion, manufacturing, and product design in a way that positively impacts our everyday life.

Sentier Strategic Resources

Sentier Strategic Resources is an innovative research and design agency. They blend market research with virtual reality, web design, and apps to help businesses improve their strategy and operations.

Do Genius On

Do Genius On provide innovation, improvement, and enhancement for the development of native mobile applications on Android and iOS. Their approach integrates graphic design, mobile apps, and software, presenting a holistic approach to mobile application development.


Cantina is building intentional communities in the hospitality and real estate sector. They use product design as a way to craft community spaces that inspire and promote healthy living.


Founded by Ronald Maynard, Passenger is a MEMS based visualization company. Through mechanical design, they aim to revolutionize the way we visualize data.


Suitera develops unique in-house mathematical concepts for their tools and analysis. Their work in the Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Productivity Tools, Semiconductor, and Software industry sets them apart.

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Divelement Web Services

Adriana Hinojosa Varela and Eddie Hudson’s Divelement is a digital agency that develops and improves digital solutions for businesses. They bring innovation to consulting, software engineering, UX design, and web development.

Backyard Office

Backyard Office constructs buildings in customized space. They have brought innovation and design to the construction and building material industry while also considering interior design as an essential part of their contractual venture.


AwayNear is a creative development and marketing agency that offers branding, graphic design, and business development services. They are pushing boundaries in business development, marketing, and mobile apps.


All about aesthetics and function, ALLPURE is a manufacturer of handsanitizers. Blending into the e-commerce, manufacturing, and product design industry, they cater to consumer demand for trendy and useful products.

Delicious Digital Marketing

Closing our list is Delicious Digital Marketing. They specialize in tourism, lifestyle, and leisure marketing. Leveraging advertising, graphic design, and web design, they cater to a unique market segment, demonstrating the diversity within Austin’s design startups.

Austin’s design startups are a testimony to how innovative design can redefine industries. They challenge conventional practices, break boundaries, and offer unique solutions that meet contemporary needs and tastes. By fostering creativity and innovation, these startups further solidify Austin’s position as a thriving hub for design startups in the US.

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