Influential LA Graphic Design Startups Shaping 2023’s Visual Communication Scene

As the hub of technology and entrepreneurship, Los Angeles hosts a vibrant ecosystem of startups across diverse industries including entertainment, media, technology, and design. Among them, a new league of graphic design startups is pushing the boundaries on creativity and innovation. These startups are not just providing aesthetic sensibilities to their clients but also integrating their design skills with digital media, marketing, technology, and diverse artistic practices. Let’s take a look at some of these groundbreaking ventures in LA’s dynamic startup scene.

Not limited to just designing aesthetically appealing pages, these graphic design startups engage in a broad array of services spanning product design, digital marketing, web design, video editing, animation, fine art, 3D modelling, and more. Utilizing art and design to create meaningful messages, they are enhancing brand identities, fostering customer engagements, and driving business growth.

These startups are not only transforming the landscape of the graphic design industry but also redefining the way businesses communicate visually with their target audiences. Here are 15 notable LA-based graphic design startups making a significant impact in this rapidly evolving industry.

This Feels Right

Billed as a multi-disciplinary creative agency, This Feels Right leverages product design, digital marketing, and packaging solutions to deliver unique and striking designs. Rooted in the belief that meaningful design can create a deep emotional connection, the startup offers an innovative and impactful approach to visual storytelling.

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Harlem Boy Design

Harlem Boy Design is a full-service design studio offering an array of services from web design, graphic design, video editing, animation to illustrations and digital fine art. The startup combines creativity and technology to create compelling visuals that amplify their clients’ brand messages.

Path Unbound

Path Unbound, founded by Stella Guan, offers a new approach to design education. The startup provides free and paid programs in digital design, portfolio building, career development and creative entrepreneurship, equipping emerging designers with the skills and tools they need to succeed in the industry.


Backlot, led by Daniel Citron, is a media agency specializing in pre-production, animation, graphical design, film-making, and videography services. Combining art and technology, Backlot transforms complex ideas into compelling visual narratives.

ACME Productions

ACME Productions is a versatile creative agency offering video production services. The startup deploys their design prowess to create engaging and visually striking video content, contributing significantly to their clients’ marketing initiatives.

Baby Lion Media

Focusing on brand development, graphic design, and documentary video production service, Baby Lion Media is a creative force co-founded by Jerry Digby and Ramon Nuñez. They are dedicated to telling authentic stories that resonate with audiences and drive business growth.

Curtis Times Media

Curtis Times Media, built by August Curtis, is a versatile media company providing a full spectrum of digital marketing services including SEO, SEM, PPC, and RSS, while also delivering consistent high-quality graphic design work.


A media production company that offers editing and design services, OMNI / AKUTO excels in graphic design, photo editing, and video editing. They are known for creating high-quality visual content that brings visions to life.

3205 Embassy

3205 Embassy is an advertising agency that offers comprehensive services in marketing, branding, and production, deploying top-notch graphic design to craft compelling visual narratives that foster business growth.

Korst & Company

Website design, branding, social media, analytics, content creation, printing, and graphic design are the areas of expertise for Korst & Company, an advertising and design agency using creativity and strategic thinking to deliver effective marketing solutions.


Co-founded by Phillippe Siclait and Sebastien Siclait, Clay is a software company creating real-time 3D models, taking the world of graphic design into an immersive dimension that offers lifelike experiences for diverse applications.

Colors Design

Colors Design is a design firm that provides services in developing brand identities and printing. They spotlight the uniqueness of each brand with exquisite designs, enabling businesses to stand out in crowded marketplaces.

Modern Logic

A creative studio that excels in conceptual design, animation, VFX, and content creation, Modern Logic innovatively weaves storytelling and design to create captivating content that resonates with audiences.

Become the Brand

Become the Brand is a marketing and advertising agency that leverages social media and graphic design to craft strong brand identities, enabling businesses to engage effectively with their target audiences.

To conclude, a new age of graphic design is sweeping across Los Angeles, driven by these disruptive startups that are leveraging their creativity and technical expertise. Setting new trends, they are redefining what’s possible in design and making their mark in LA’s bubbling startup ecosystem.

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