Revolutionizing Healthcare: Noteworthy Hospital Startups in Los Angeles, California 2023

Los Angeles, California, often lauded as the pinnacle of innovation in the United States, continues to be a hot bed for startups in various industries. In particular, the city has seen an influx of startups in the hospital and hospitality sectors. These startups are not just bringing forth advanced technology and innovative solutions, but also transforming the conventional methods of care, treatment, and customer service in these niches. Let’s take a look at some of the most promising hospital and hospitality startups in Los Angeles.


Tend is the premier marketplace for hospitality staffing. Established by entrepreneurs Charles Soll, Davis Waddell, and Grant Delgado, this innovative startup operates within the catering, events, hospitality, marketplace, music venues, and wedding industries. They strive to create a fluid platform that connects employers in the hospitality sector with qualified and skilled individuals ready to work.


Aiming to improve home-stay experiences, Dack develops a SaaS platform. Launched by Damon Mintzer, the startup belongs to the hospitality, information technology, SaaS, software, and travel industries. Dack is committed to making home-stay a delight for travelers worldwide.


Based in the U.S. and Europe, with operations in Africa, WeCare is a medical technology startup. Co-founded by Ifeanyi Ossai, WeCare is revolutionizing the biopharma, clinical trials, healthcare, hospital, information technology, and medical sectors with ground-breaking technology and robust strategies.

CurEnt Group

The CurEnt Group provides clients with unparalleled access to a variety of exclusive, “one-of-a-kind” entertainment events. Entrepreneurs Joel Menzin and Lee Barkalow have made this startup a reputable entity in the events, hospitality, ticketing, and travel sectors.

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Trousdale Ventures

Trousdale Ventures, envisioned and brought to life by Phillip Sarofim, is an innovative venture capital firm that is redefining consumer goods, hospitality, information technology, lifestyle, transportation, and venture capital industries.

Terraza of Cheviot Hills

Terraza of Cheviot Hills is an assisted living community that offers unmatched care for the elderly. Operated in the assisted living, healthcare, and hospitality industries, Terraza offers a nurturing and compassionate environment for seniors.


An integrated real estate investment and operating platform, Ascendant focuses on hospitality and lodging properties in the finance, hospitality, and real estate investment sectors.


Sugar is transforming the residential experience by integrating with technology stacks that power modern buildings. Founders Fatima Dicko and Lawrence Isaiah Morris have made significant impact in the hospitality, location-based services, property management, real estate, and software industries with Sugar.


Evolusen is an influencer marketing platform for the tourism and hospitality industry, forging new paths in the content creators, digital marketing, hospitality, and tourism domains.

The Host Co.

Retail Platform for Airbnb guests, The Host Co. is shaping the e-commerce, hospitality, rental property, vacation rental industries. Founders Annie Sloan, Mikel Hubbard, have created a platform that enhances the experience of Airbnb guests.


CyberDyme creates commerce solutions for Virtual Reality: VRcommerce. CyberDyme, founded by entrepreneur Cleveland Brown, is a game changer in the consulting, e-commerce, fashion, hospitality, retail, retail technology, travel, virtual reality sectors.


Directcare offers comprehensive medical solutions, including Covid-19 testing, in-home medical testing, and nutrient IV therapy services. The startup operates in the healthcare, hospital, medical, therapeutics, and wellness industries.

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Hart House

Hart House is a successful chain of restaurants that serve sandwiches, nuggets, salads, shakes, and drinks. Hart House operates in the food and beverage, hospitality, and restaurant industries.


Beverlyhills is a reputed platform offering permanent solutions to hair fall problems. Staffed with high-quality and experienced doctors, Beverlyhills brings forward top-notch services in the healthcare and hospital sectors.


Lightly, founded by Dominique Olowolafe, offers luxury baby care goods. With products that promise quality and safety, Lightly is making a name for itself in the consumer goods, hospitality, and travel sectors.

In summary, Los Angeles presents an exciting platform for startups, especially in the hospital and hospitality sectors, to flourish and advance. As these startups continue to deliver unique and innovative solutions, they are setting high standards for their contemporaries, nationwide and beyond.

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