Influential Los Angeles Commercial Startups Shaping California’s Future in 2023

Los Angeles, California, one of the most exciting capitals for startups across the United States, is not just about Hollywood and tech startups. There’s a thriving scene of commercial startups that are making waves in various industries such as real estate, construction, design, technology, and more. This article seeks to spotlight these companies and their ambitious founders who are relentlessly transforming the commercial startup scene in LA. Each of these Los Angeles-based startups is on a mission to redefine the commercial arena with their unique business strategies, innovative solutions, and advances in technology.

From firms focusing on commercial real estate, construction management to those providing digital solutions for food services or specialized insurance for commercial businesses, the LA startup ecosystem thrives with diverse and interesting new ventures. This bustling city of dreams is creating spaces and opportunities for entrepreneurs to turn groundbreaking ideas into exciting realities.

Let’s take you on a virtual tour of these promising commercial startups, showcasing their specific industries, unique mission, and founding stories. Here is a roundup of a few exciting commercial startups that have carved a niche for themselves in the City of Angels.

LPC Ventures

LPC Ventures is a division of Lincoln Property Company. This startup functions as an owner, operator, and developer of commercial real estate. Co-founded by Eric Roseman, LPC ventures specializes in commercial real estate, construction, property management, and real estate investment.

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Azure Construction

Azure Construction is a construction company offering a unique client experience through cutting-edge technology and transparent pricing. Founded by Gene Eidelman, this startup operates in the commercials, construction, and interior design industry.


InnoDez offers structural design and engineering services for commercial and residential projects. Providing services in architecture, CAD, civil engineering, and commercial industry, this startup is a one-stop solution for construction related needs.

Urban Movement Labs

Urban Movement Labs is a collaborative platform that brings together communities, local government, and mobility innovators. The startup focuses on the commercial, government, and transportation industries.

Architect LA

Architect LA is an architectural firm that offers residential renovation, construction, and site selection services. This innovative startup operates in the architecture, commercial, and residential industry.


Conteur provides fashion film and commercial production services. This startup is thriving in the commercial, film production, media, entertainment, and TV production industry.

Ken Donaldson Insurance

Ken Donaldson Insurance provides personal and commercial insurance services. They cater services in the auto-insurance, commercial insurance, insurance, property insurance, and rental industry.

Jonathan Wang Design

Jonathan Wang Design provides programming, interior design, and visualization services. It operates in the architecture, commercial, interior design, and residential industry.

Jeff Tabor Group

Jeff Tabor Group, founded by Jeff Tabor, specializes in commercial real estate and property management solutions.

The Better Spot

The Better Spot is a well-care hub offering on-demand care and on-demand space. It was founded by Madilynn Beck and operates in the commercial real estate, healthcare, real estate, and wellness industry.


ReadySpaces supports small businesses with a need for private hands-on industrial workspace & warehouse storage in a community setting. It was founded by Jon Zimmerman and Kevin Petrovic.

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KEAZE is revolutionizing the food service industry with smart kitchens and technology that enable restaurants to thrive in the new food economy. The startup was founded by Antonio Teddy Popescu.

Phoetech Group

Phoetech Group, a Los Angeles-based company operating in stealth mode, is engaged in B2C, commercial and finance industry.


AdvanceCRE founded by Bryce Goldsen and Mark Silverman, connects Commercial Real Estate professionals, functioning as a platform in the commercial, commercial real estate, and real estate industry.


Cozmo offers real estate, hard money lending, and foreclosure services. It operates in the commercial real estate, consulting, and real estate industry.

These LA-based startups are changing the game in the commercial industry, utilizing innovative technology, strategic partnerships, and emerging opportunities in their specific sectors. They are not just promising startups but are future industry leaders that represent the vibrant and dynamic essence of Los Angeles.

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