Top Influential Los Angeles Communities Startups Revolutionizing the 2023 Landscape

The city of Los Angeles, California is more than just the glitz and glam of Hollywood; it is also home to an array of thriving start-ups. With a diverse and innovative set of entrepreneurs bringing new ideas to the table, L.A. is known for its entrepreneurial spirit and a creative culture that fosters innovation. This article will explore some of the most interesting start-ups in the community sector. These businesses span various industries but all have a focus on improving and innovating within their communities.

The rise of community-focused start-ups is a testament to the fact that in our increasingly digital world, the desire to connect and feel a part of something larger is stronger than ever. From platforms that empower home-based businesses to apps that aim to connect different fandoms, these start-ups are exploring unique avenues to find a niche in an ever-expanding market.

The following start-ups are not just driving innovations but also shaping communities of various sizes and backgrounds, and leading the way in entrepreneurship in Los Angeles. Here’s a closer look at each of these unique and groundbreaking community start-ups:

Valence Community

Valence Community is an internet startup co-founded by Emily Slade, Kobie Fuller, and La Mer Walker. Catering to the global black professional community, Valence aims to connect, showcase, and empower this community on a platform built specifically for them. It operates within the communities, consumer, information technology, and internet industries.

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West Tenth

An interesting twist on entrepreneurship, West Tenth looks to empower home-based businesses. Co-founded by Lyn Johnson & Sara Sparhawk, this startup champions nontraditional talents and helps turn them into flexible businesses run from home. West Tenth caters to the communities, e-commerce platforms, and women’s industries.


The beauty industry is a competitive one but Beaubble, co-founded by Jun Young (Jordan) Lim, has carved out a place for itself. Combining beauty and community, Beaubble dwells within the beauty & communities sectors.

Crave It

Crave It is a must-have for food lovers. Although its founders remain unnamed, they have crafted a mobile application that caters to the communities, food and beverage, and mobile apps industries.

WestWave Ventures

An unnamed group of entrepreneurs launched WestWave Ventures with a focus on fostering community and innovation in Southern California. Operating in the communities, consulting, event management, events, internet, and venture capital sectors, this Los Angeles based startup is helping to shape the start-up scene in Southern California.

Pharo Technology

On a mission to improve safety in a digital world, co-founders Andrew Malekie & Joseph Screen launched Pharo Technology. Providing web- and application-based safety software, this startup dwells in the communities, information technology, and software sectors.


Co-founded by Oliver Reason & Phineas Walton, Hiven is an aptly named startup. It seeks to connect friends, fans, and communities, while enabling creators and group owners to monetize their groups. Hiven operates within the communities, internet, social network, and software sectors.


Mikhail Larionov developed PeerBoard, abiding by the philosophy that a problem shared is a problem halved. Catering to the communities, e-commerce, private social networking, SaaS, and social network sectors, PeerBoard is a SaaS community platform.

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Stan World

Stan World is for the fans. Co-founded by Aidan Lee and Peter Jung, it endeavors to create a Metaverse where fandoms can meet, compete, and earn rewards. This startup caters to the 3D technology, communities, digital entertainment, social network, and virtual world industries.


Co-founded by Mehak Vohra, SkillBank equips entry-level marketers through a 1:1 mentorship and training program. Navigating the communities, continuing education, e-learning, human resources, and marketing sectors, Skillbank is helping to shape the future of the marketing industry.

tive Technology

Co-founded by Leif Martinoff, tive Technology is a resource, marketplace, and most importantly, a community. Operating in the Apps, Assistive Technology, Communities, EdTech, Marketplace, Mobile, Mobile Apps, Social Media, and Social Network sector, it aims to provide easy access and empowerment technologies.

Well Traveled

Although its founders remain unknown, Well Traveled has been making a name for itself in the communities, tourism, and travel sectors, offering trip advice and travel booking services.

Actively Black

Lanny Smith founded Actively Black, an athleisure and sports apparel brand that not only creates fashionable clothing but also uplifts and reinvests in the Black community. It dwells within the communities, fashion, and retail sectors.


Co-founded by Olivia Bowser, Liberate is a mental fitness studio providing an approachable, safe space for proactive wellbeing. This startup operates within the communities, health care, and wellness sectors.

Bargny Diaspora

Lastly, Bargny Diaspora, a non-profit organization, seeks to contribute to the development of social, economic, and environmental sectors. Its founders remain unknown, but their dedication to contributing to growth and development is clear.

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