Influential Los Angeles Online Portal Startups Transforming Digital Space in 2023

Los Angeles, home to Hollywood, sunny beaches, and a vibrant lifestyle, is increasingly becoming a hotbed for tech startups. While we often hear about the entertainment and food industries in this buzzing city, the tech industry, particularly startups in the Online Portals space, has been growing rapidly. These startups are offering a vast range of services from communication platforms, logistics, online consultancy, food ordering to gaming and much more. Let’s take a look at some of these emerging Online Portals startups that are taking LA by storm.


Founded by Dinesh Mehta, Knoblr is a path-breaking online platform offering a place for knowledge exchange and communication, aiming to leverage the massive potential of the internet and online forums.

JJ Cavari Transportation

JJ Cavari Transportation is an innovative transportation and logistics startup offering delivery services through an efficient online portal. Its rapid growth is testament to the power of technology in streamlining complicated logistics and delivery systems.


Founded by Ali Yildirim, Gurulize is a unique SaaS platform designed for entrepreneurs who desire to build an online consultancy platform providing online paid audio/video sessions.

Bluefin Foods

Bringing seafood and alt-proteins to the tables through a user-friendly online portal, Bluefin Foods is making a significant impact in the food and beverage industry.


Kameo offers COVID-19 testing solutions and software for the entertainment and production industries. It stands as a testament to the innovation happening in response to the global pandemic.


With founders Jose Barrera, Lorel Scott, and Rohan Aurora, StartupStarter is revolutionizing the education sector by offering a subscription-based business school for modern audiences.

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Fulfilling the needs of the bustling gaming industry, Role, founded by Elle Dwight and Ian Hirschfeld, is an innovative platform revolutionizing the way we play role-playing games.


Realme is an application designed to build trust and keep people safe when connecting with strangers online, showcasing how technology can contribute to societal goodwill.

Flique Editorial

Flique Editorial is an online platform where creative minds can showcase their distinct voices and exchange ideas in a digital environment.

Haste Arcade

Haste Arcade is a game-changer in the gaming industry, operating an instant leaderboard payout gaming arcade platform.

Sturdy Exchange

The fascinating realm of NFTs is explored by Sturdy Exchange, where brands, entertainers, artists, and musicians can showcase their art and leverage this emerging technology.

Hire Runner

Hire Runner has created an online portal where talented people can connect with the most inclusive startups, indicating a significant change in the HR and recruitment sector.


Hoo makes online engagement more fun and interactive, providing entertainment services that are expanding the horizons of digital engagement.


YouPost, founded by Anthony Gera and Oleg Zaichuk, delivers a novel online marketing platform for social networks. It YouPost converts videos to blog articles complete with text, screenshots, and pictures.


Founded by Dani Van de Sande, ULO is a no-code platform that allows brands to create immersive experiences for mobile & SMS marketing, showcasing a fascinating fusion of advertising, digital entertainment, and online portals.

As seen from these emerging startups, the Los Angeles tech scene is bustling and thriving. These startups aren’t just impressive in their ingenuity; they’re a testament to the adaptability, creativity, and imaginative spirit of LA’s entrepreneurial landscape.

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