LA’s Influential Personal Health Startups: Reinventing Wellness in 2023

The city of Los Angeles, California is not just home to Hollywood, iconic beaches, and a diverse culinary scene, but it’s also a bustling hub for startups in the United States. Over the past decade, LA has seen a surge of innovative and progressive startups focusing on the critical sphere of personal health. These companies span various sectors, including fitness, wellness, health care, and alternative medicine, among others. For people interested in the American startup industry, particularly in personal health, here’s a comprehensive list of some up-and-coming startups based in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles proves to be a fertile ground for startups due to its burgeoning venture capital scene, fusion of technology, media and health sectors, and favorable weather that promotes a focus on fitness and well-being. These startups reflect LA’s vibrant and diverse ecosystem, tapping into timely topics ranging from fitness tech to cannabis research to sustainability in personal products. Whether they’re leveraging ML/AI in the fight against substance abuse, pioneering new ways to use CBD, or focusing on hormone-safe self-care products, these startups are revolutionizing the personal health landscape, making it more accessible, efficient, and innovative.

In this list, we’ve compiled notable personal health startups across various industries, offering a comprehensive picture of the blossoming personal health scene in Los Angeles. Each of these startups offers a unique product or service addressing modern health and wellness challenges, embodying the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit characteristic of Los Angeles. Here are some of the startups revolutionizing personal health and well-being in LA:


FitOn is a digital wellness platform specialized in driving health outcomes for its 12M+ consumer, employee, and health plan participant members. The startup was founded by Lindsay Cook and Russell Cook and operates in the Fitness, Health Care, mHealth, Mobile Apps, Personal Health, and Wellness industries.

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People Science

Founded by Noah Craft, People Science is a tech-led R&D platform for alternative medicine. This startup is based in the Cannabis, Health Care, and Personal Health industries.

Wonder Sciences

Wonder Sciences, founded by Ryan Magnussen, is a life sciences ecosystem pioneering the intersection of psychedelic medicine and science. The startup operates within the Health Care and Personal Health industries.


R’s KOSO is an online shop specializing in a postbiotic drink and cleanse products. The startup works within the Dietary Supplements, E-Commerce, Personal Health, Sales, and Wellness industries.


Offering self-care products that also aim to save the planet, Rawlogy operates within the E-Commerce, Fitness, Health Care, Outdoors, Personal Health, and Wellness industries.


Specializing in the production of CBD products made from oranges, Peels operates in the Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Personal Health, and Sales industries.

Junk Theory

Founded by Allison Mabbott and Justin Wolff, Junk Theory is the world’s first plastic-free refillable plastic skincare system. They operate in the Beauty, Consumer Goods, Cosmetics, E-Commerce, Personal Health, and Sustainability industries.


Co-founded by Fazal Mahmood and Razi Syed, mettleAI is leveraging ML/AI to predict substance abuse relapse before it happens. The startup operates within the Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Machine Learning, Personal Health, Software, and Wellness industries.


Co-founded by Addie Conner and Max Gomez, Breathwrk’s mission is to improve the health of the world through breathing. The startup is based in the Fitness, Personal Health, and Wellness industries.

Hugh & Grace

Founded by Ben Jensen and Sara Jensen, Hugh & Grace is a first-of-its-kind, innovative, hormone-safe brand focusing on reducing chemical exposure through thoughtful self-care products. The startup operates in the E-Commerce, Personal Health, Retail, and Wellness industries.

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Movement Genius

Founded by Alyson Stoner and Correy ONeal, Movement Genius is a digital wellness platform and community. They operate within the Digital Entertainment, Health Care, Personal Health, and Wellness industries.


Co-founded by Carly Allen and Tara Raffi, Almond is a mobile platform offering telehealth and in-person services for women’s obstetrics and gynecology care. The startup is based in the Health Care, Medical, Personal Health, and Women’s industries.

Sundaze Heated Shorts

Sundaze Heated Shorts offers innovative tech-integrated clothing and operates within the Personal Health, Wellness, and Women’s industries.

Dermabeam Light Therapy

Founded by Takashi Yanagi, Dermabeam offers top-of-the-line light therapy devices. The startup operates within the Beauty, Health Care, Medical Device, and Personal Health industries.

Critter Cosmetics

Founded by Kyra Pellant, Critter Cosmetics offers plastic-free, low-waste, cruelty-free cosmetics. The startup operates within the Beauty, Cosmetics, E-Commerce, Non-Profit, Personal Health, and Wellness industries.

The Los Angeles startup industry is a mosaic of ambitious ideas, futuristic thinking, and relentless execution. As LA continues to build up its reputation as a startup hotspot, these personal health businesses are sure to contribute significantly to this narrative, offering unique innovations that are poised to shape the future of health and wellness.

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