Influential Medical Startups Reshaping Healthcare Landscape in Austin, Texas 2023

Austin, Texas’ Medical Startups Revolutionize Healthcare

Austin is not only known for the vibrancy of its music scene but also for its booming startup industry. One particular sector making waves is healthcare, with inventive enterprises reinventing traditional medical practices and ideas. These startups showcase the convergence of technology and healthcare – leading to dynamic solutions that address a plethora of health concerns.

The city has become a fertile ground for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to revolutionize the way we approach health and wellness. From surgical tools to mental health services to medical devices, these startups embody a spirit of innovation and speak to the dynamic nature of Austin’s healthcare sector.

Here, we cast a spotlight on some exciting medical startups that call Austin, Texas, home. These enterprising businesses show immense promise in transforming and improving healthcare services for their clientele.

Circinus Medical Technology

Founded by John Dorman, Circinus Medical Technology develops platforms aiding in surgical navigation. They propound improved accuracy and productivity in surgical procedures, defining their scope in healthcare, medical device development, and productivity tools.


Choq operates in the realm of dietary supplementation, producing hormone health, stress support, thyroid health, and other herbal products. Though the founders’ details are unknown, the company’s multifaceted role spans across consumer goods, healthcare, retail, sales, and medical sectors.

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Curtis L. Petersen and Nicholas Weber started Ucardia to reimagine cardiac rehabilitation. Their innovative heart health solutions spotlight their ability in the healthcare, medical, and rehabilitation industries.

Austin Health Partners

Austin Health Partners runs a medical clinic specializing in pediatric and family medicine. Although the founders remain unknown, their professionalism and dedication to healthcare distinguishes them in the medical community.

Ensemble Orthopedics

In the pursuit of less invasive solutions to osteoarthritis, Ensemble Orthopedics provide surgical methods which target the affliction on upper extremities. Their innovative approach underlines their expertise in healthcare, medical practice, and medical device development.

Brazen : The Period Experts

Set up by Kirsten Hurder-Karchmer, Brazen has developed an all-natural formula to ease period problems. Their unique, woman-centric solution positions them firmly in the medical and wellness industries.


Founded by Maria Brown-Spence, Hearts2Heal provides essential mental health services. This stamps their role in healthcare and medical services that support emotional and mental wellbeing.


RxGiftCard helps ease the financial burden of medical prescriptions, offering an 80% savings card. Despite the anonymity of the founders, they’re making a significant contribution to healthcare, medical, and emergency medicine sectors.

Figura Medspa

Figura Medspa provides non-invasive body contouring services to improve individuals’ physique and wellbeing. Their innovations positively impact the fitness, health care, medical, and wellness industries.

Thrive Diagnostics

Thrive Diagnostics operates as a distributor of medical devices for regenerative medicine. Despite the unknown founders, their role in medical and wholesale sectors is remarkable.

Mental Health America of Texas

Mental Health America of Texas facilitates treatment for mental illness. Through their services, they contribute significantly to healthcare, medical, and residential care sectors.

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OrthoPress Inc.

Founded by Andy Skelton, OrthoPress Inc. has developed the FingerPress, a fairly priced brace for straightening a bent finger (PIP Flexion Contracture). The contributions they make to the medical and medical device industries are invaluable.


David Franklin, James Powell, M.D., led the establishment of knowRX to foster proper therapeutic care. Their cloud-based digital healthcare platform tackles important encounters in clinical trials, healthcare, IT, mobile health, therapeutics, and wellness areas.

Mainstream Medical Devices

Mainstream Medical Devices manufactures and packages medical equipment. Their role enriches the manufacturing, medical, medical device, and wellness industries substantially.


Founded by Lukasz Lebensztejn, leadsonics retails autoclave, steam sterilization, and medical equipment. Their efforts, coupled with e-commerce advantages, fuel growth in medical, medical device, and retail sectors.

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Read more from US Venture News  Are Digital Therapeutics Revolutionizing Women's Pelvic Health Care Industry?
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