Influential Austin Medical Device Startups Transforming Healthcare in 2023

Austin, Texas, famously known as the Live Music Capital of the World, is also making a name for itself as a hub for promising medical device startups. The vibrant startup culture and support for entrepreneurship in the city are contributing to the growth of this sector. These startups are integrating advanced technologies like AI, medical imaging, and automation to bring revolutionary products and services to the health care industry. From developing surgical navigation platforms to innovative orthopedic devices and ground-breaking medical equipment, these startups are setting new benchmarks in health care.

Austin has become a focal point for health care innovation in the nation, challenging the traditional paradigms of patient care with cutting-edge devices. Whether it’s supporting the treatment of injuries and medical conditions, enhancing diagnostic procedures, or providing health management solutions, these innovative businesses are contributing significantly to the industry.

Here are some of the interesting Medical Device startups based in Austin that are gaining attention in the healthcare industry.

Circinus Medical Technology

Circinus Medical Technology is a startup co-founded by John Dorman that focuses on surgical navigation. They develop a robust platform that significantly improves surgical productivity and precision. The company operates in the Health Care, Medical Device, and Productivity Tools sectors.

Ensemble Orthopedics

Founded by James Fitzsimmons and CTO Buffalo Berg, Ensemble Orthopedics offers minimally invasive surgical methods to treat upper extremity osteoarthritis. Their innovation lies in providing advanced alternatives to complex procedures, thereby enhancing patient recovery rates and surgical outcomes.

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Thrive Diagnostics

Thrive Diagnostics is a medical device startup focusing on distributing regenerative medicine products. They specialize in providing vital health care resources to enhance patient care and treatment.

OrthoPress Inc.

Co-Founded by Andrew Skelton, OrthoPress Inc. offers the FingerPress, an affordable brace for straightening a bent finger (PIP Flexion Contracture). They are advancing orthopedic patient care through their groundbreaking devices.

Mainstream Medical Devices

Founded by Paul Janzen, Mainstream Medical Devices is a startup that is known for manufacturing and packaging medical equipment. Their primary focus is encapsulated within Manufacturing, Medical, Medical Device, Packaging Services and Wellness industries.


The eCommerce startup leadsonics, led by Lukasz Lebensztejn, specializes in retailing Medical Equipment and steam sterilization devices. The startup aims to make high-quality medical devices accessible and affordable.


REPCARDz is a healthcare tech startup led by founder Cheryl Halbert, that delivers a cutting-edge VRM platform, enabling healthcare professionals and vendors to connect, schedule, and securely collaborate on patient care.


With founders Hector Torres, Sina Haeri and Thomas Milner at the helm, Hemorai provides solutions for the early detection and prevention of hemorrhagic shock, contributing significantly to emergency health care.


Curative, led by its founders Fred Turner, Isaac Turner, and Vlad Slepnev, is a health insurance provider that also offers COVID-19 testing and vaccination services. They are committed to building a healthier tomorrow, together.

Sparrow Software

Founders Gabriel J. Apodaca, Marie Turock, and Paul Robke launched Sparrow.AI as a no-code, AI-accessible software automation studio for healthcare systems and medical device companies, bringing a new level of efficiency and intelligence to the industry.

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AffirmXH, founded by Ian Shadforth, Leif Bowman, and Thomas Hall, is a startup focused on enabling people to experience health through the use of their medical devices. Their contributions to health care, medical devices, and wellness are commendable.

1 True Health

The health care company 1 True Health delivers real-time health information, personal history forms, and monitors local disease surveillance to help individuals make informed health decisions.

Medical Elution Devices

Medical Elution Devices functions to design polymer-coated devices encapsulated with medication to improve drug delivery and efficacy in patient treatment.

Within Health

The next-generation medical clinic and retreat center, Within Health, injects innovation into health care by blending cutting edge psychedelic science with medical treatments.

Endless Health

Endless Health, founded by Cooper Galvin and Jiabao Li, brilliantly converges technology and humanity for a healthier heart. Their vision is to revolutionize health care and personal health with their medical devices and diagnostics.

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