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Influential New York Enterprise Software Startups Redefining the Industry 2023

From skyrocketing real estate to the hustling and bustling Wall Street, New York City is not just the center of the world—it’s also a hotbed of innovative tech startups. Particularly flourishing in the Big Apple right now are enterprise software startups, companies that are coming up with ingenious ways to streamline businesses, monitor data, and boost economy at an enterprise level. Therefore, we bring to you an overview of some interesting enterprise software startups making their mark in NYC.In this realm, startups are influencing various industries, from finance to human resources, project management to AI applications. This article showcases startups that are powering not only the future of organizations but are also spearheading the entire transformation journey. Pioneered by visionary leaders, these startups are creating tools that redefine how businesses operate and thrive in today’s fast-paced world.

We hope this hand-picked selection of startups will provide a unique insight into the groundbreaking work happening in and around NYC. These startups are not just collaborating with businesses but also communicating tech’s potential for streamlining workflows, driving efficiency, and scaling operations. So, let’s get on this discovery journey and shed light on some of the “silicon alley” gems.


Peek, led by Austin Lo and Chris Kostoulas, is creating a buzz in the real estate industry. Their data-driven leasing journey through interactive tours, analytics, content management, and marketing tools is transforming the real estate landscape. Peek signals the future where enterprise software meets virtual reality.

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One Creation Corporation

Dedicated to privacy and software, the B2B Embedded Privacy Platform of One Creation Corporation offers enterprise software solutions for businesses looking for privacy-focused resources. The firm was founded by Yang Cheung and Zohar Hod.


Bridger is revolutionizing consulting with its tech-enabled platform. It connects businesses with industry professionals for knowledge sharing on-demand. Bridger was founded by Andrew Rawana, positioning itself at the crossroads of consulting, IT and market research.


BuyerSight is an AI and predictive analytics platform – developed by Brian Lee and Scott Lichtenstein – designed to power leaders in customer-facing teams. A prime example of machine learning meets Enterprise Software.


Fisecal, established by Lou Abrams, delivers automated financial planning software that helps individuals and organizations in managing financial resources efficiently. A fintech solution stirring the enterprise software industry.


Lectron, led by Viet York, offers Metaverse DDoS Protection, Acceleration & Web3 Products. They are merging the realms of gaming and software, revolutionizing how enterprise software interacts with the end users.


The AI and machine learning platform of Mission-X enables automated project delivery and oversight, signalling a milestone in project management and ERP tools.

Sembly AI

The SaaS platform of Sembly AI, developed by Artem Koren and Gil Makleff, employs AI algorithms to transcribe and analyze meetings, transforming them into actionable insights. This marks a new leap in analytics tools and enterprise applications.


Braindrop, founded by Ben Darr and Jay Widlitz, provides a unique platform for learning at work. It combines e-learning and enterprise software to bring innovation to information services.

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Cloudonix, Inc.

Cloudonix, founded by Eric Klein and Nir Simionovich, transforms existing omnichannels into communication channels, enabling the businesses to accelerate sales and enhance customer satisfaction.


Login to Imeetify, developed by Bala Iyer, a dynamic scheduler that enables you to focus and align your day-to-day tasks. Their emphasis on facilitating easy task management positions it as unique in the enterprise software industry.


Resonance, co-founded by Raymon Geis and Sean Christensen, is a software platform that revolutionizes how creative professionals network, find & offer services, and manage their careers.


Arena, established by Engin Ural, Pratap Ranade, and Rob Speare, empowers businesses to make high-frequency decisions fully autonomous, bridging the technological gaps in business decision-making.

Investor Intelligence

Investor Intelligence, co-founded by Ryan Hickman and Tomer Dicturel, provides research, outreach, and management services for investors. An interesting fusion of investment, fintech, and productivity tools.


Scaling the restaurant industry, Minitable is a social-commerce platform building end-to-end dining experiences. Pioneered by Di Wu, Joe Qian, and Sean Pan, Minitable indicates how software is reshaping the future of dining and artificial intelligence.

In conclusion, the array of startups operating in New York City exemplify the power and potential of enterprise software in the era of digital transformation. These dynamic startups are shaping industries, improving productivity, and redefining the way we do business. The New York City tech scene is not just thriving; it’s leading.

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