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Top Influential New York Enterprise Startups Reshaping Business Landscape In 2023

For a startup ecosystem as diverse as New York City, enterprise startups have particularly made an impressive mark with their cutting-edge solutions and evolving business models. These trailblazing companies are reimagining traditional frameworks, leveraging technological advancements, and reshaping businesses at an unprecedented scale. This article shines a spotlight on 15 promising enterprise startups based in New York City, across industries such as real estate, privacy, consulting, fintech, gaming, e-learning, human resource management, and more.

The NYC enterprise startup landscape is a thriving hotbed of innovation, encompassing companies that incorporate a wide array of technologies like AI, predictive analytics, machine learning, and even metaverse. The businesses showcased in this article offer a quick peek into the future of varied industries, with solutions that promise powerful impacts and lasting value. To fully appreciate the depth and breadth of these startups’ contributions to the business world, let’s delve into each company’s details.

It’s worth noting that the diversity of these startups is not just about the industries they operate in or the technologies they harness, but also about the diverse group of founders powering them. From seasoned entrepreneurs to newcomers with a vision, these founders are all instrumental in propelling New York City’s startup ecosystem to new heights.


Peek, helmed by founders Austin Lo and Chris Kostoulas, is a game-changer in the real estate industry by empowering data-driven leasing. The platform offers interactive tours, analytics, content management, and marketing tools to provide a seamless leasing experience.

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One Creation Corporation

Founded by Yang Cheung and Zohar Hod, One Creation Corporation offers a unique B2B Embedded Privacy Platform. This startup caters to the growing need for privacy in an ever-connected world.


Lead by founder Andrew Rawana, Bridger serves as a tech-enabled consulting platform that connects businesses with industry professionals to share knowledge on-demand, offering a smarter way to consult in the digital age.


At the helm of BuyerSight are Brian Lee and Scott Lichtenstein, who developed a leadership acceleration platform for revenue teams. Their AI and predictive analytics technology power leaders in customer-facing teams.


Lou Abrams’ Fisecal is an automated financial planning software for modern personal and financial management.


With a focus on the fast-growing gaming industry, Lectron, under the leadership of founder Viet York, offers metaverse DDoS protection, acceleration, and Web3 Products.


Mission-X uses AI and machine learning to revolutionize project delivery and oversight with its automated platform.

Sembly AI

Sembly AI, co-founded by Artem Koren and Gil Makleff, transforms meetings into actionable insights with its AI-driven SaaS platform.


GenDeep is improving enterprises’ investment decisions and outcomes with its advanced technology.


The founders of Braindrop, Ben Darr and Jay Widlitz, provide an expert solution for learning at work with their innovative e-learning platform.

ERP Research

ERP Research, as its name suggests, specializes in the selection and evaluation of ERP software and solutions.


The founder-duo of Eric Klein and Nir Simionovich drive Cloudonix, a platform offering groundbreaking voice technology solutions to enhance customer satisfaction and accelerate sales.

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Imeetify, under Bala Iyer’s guidance, is a dynamic scheduler that helps streamline day-to-day tasks, manage group events, and enhance overall productivity.


Raymon Geis and Sean Christensen’s Resonance is revolutionizing the way creative professionals network, find and offer services, and manage their careers with their software platform.


Arena, spearheaded by founders Engin Ural, Pratap Ranade, and Rob Speare, empowers businesses to make high frequency decisions autonomously with their pioneering software solution.

To conclude, these New York-based enterprise startups reflect the innovative spirit of the city—unafraid to challenge the status quo, harness technology, and shape the future of business.

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