Influential Social Startups Shaping Austin’s Future: A USVenture Exploration

Startups have gained popularity over the years as hotbeds for innovation and technology, bringing forth products and services that are changing the world. Austin, Texas, has steadily risen as one of the top cities for entrepreneurs. Today, we shine a light on the social startups of the silicon hills to help people find businesses that align with their needs or interests. Here are some of the most interesting social startups calling Austin their home;

Blended Sense

Blended Sense is a Media-Technology platform that links small business owners with creative professionals on a subscription model. The brainchild of a dynamic trio; Abigail Rose Baez, Albert Baez, Georgina Elizondo Griffin, the platform is redefining the Communities, Content Delivery Network, Digital Media, Film Production, Media and Entertainment, Social Network, Software industries through their services.

Pop Social

Led by Rick Kim and Yoon Lee, Pop Social is a software company providing a social app for students. Being a firm in Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Social Media, Software industries, their app is a hub where students can connect, share ideas, and improve their collective educational experience.


Scavr is transforming the traditional scavenger hunt experience into an enjoyable digital one. Co-founded by J.T. Burgess, Scavr sits at the intersection of Apps, Social Media, Software industries, introducing user-friendly interfaces for participants’ registration and scavenger hunt creation.


Hypepilot, conceived by Adam Zimmer, Armin Sejdic, Reid Thomas, is an open marketplace that empowers businesses and influencers to connect and collaborate. It eliminates the barrier between advertisers and influencers in the Marketing, Marketplace, PaaS, Peer to Peer, Social Media, Social Network industries.

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Zfluence is a marketing company that provides promotions and brand identification services. The startup operates in the Advertising, Brand Marketing, Social Media Marketing industries, leveraging social media to connect brands with their audience significantly.

Identity XL

Founded by J. D. Frazier, Identity XL is a social entrepreneurship focused on offering solutions in business development for existing and startup ventures, primarily in the Non-Profit, Personal Development, Social Entrepreneurship industries.


Croady is a platform creating private social networks for sharing documents, videos, and messages with staff, clients, and vendors. Their solutions, centered around Data Storage, Document Management, and Social Networks, are revolutionizing inter-business communications.

3rd & Lamar Media

3rd & Lamar Media, cofounded by Nick Schenck, is an advertising and marketing company that doubles up as a production house and customer acquisition lab. It is defining the future of Advertising, Marketing, News, and Social Media industries.


Ploto, established by Benjamin Durham and Justin Brinson, is a 1st Party Platform for SMS and mobile storytelling, with an extensive field of operations that cover Advertising, Content Discovery, Government, Information Technology, Media and Entertainment, SaaS, Smart Cities, Social Media, Social Media Advertising, Software.


With ComeClosely, events and socializing take a digital turn. Founded by Gaetan Ekoondo, the mobile app creates unique social network exchanges for users and live events in Event Management, Internet, Social Media, Ticketing, and Software industries.


RillaMarks, established by Steven Wang and Vu Ho, redefines the creative process by delivering creator-focused solutions that empower the creative community. It thrives in the Apps, Cloud Computing, Collaboration, Content Creators, Information Technology, Media, and Entertainment, Professional Networking, Social Media, Social Network industries.

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Wedy is a revolutionary platform created by Rumaiza Fathima Ali. Being the world’s first booking and financing marketplace for the wedding industry, it is stirring waves in the CRM, E-Commerce, Event Management, FinTech, Internet, Marketplace, SaaS, Social Network, and Wedding industries.

The Round

Brian Atwood and Zachary Casler’s brainchild, The Round, is a dating application that also fosters friendship within the community. With a robust application in Dating, Mobile, Mobile Apps, Social Network, Software industries, this app is revolutionizing the social aspect of dating.


Colorcast is a mobile app offering live audio commentary to the masses. This innovative app is the creation of Evan Kirkham and Peter Reggio and is making a significant impact in the Apps, Mobile, Mobile Apps, Social Media, Software industry.

Local Sports Network

Local Sports Network, initiated by Benjamin Bean and Dustin McMahon, is a digital community working to strengthen ties between sports fans, high schools, and athletes. The platform is carving a niche for itself in the Media and Entertainment, Social, Sports industry.

From media-tech platforms to apps enhancing social relationships, Austin’s social startup scene is vibrant and dynamic. The creativity and innovation showcased here represent just a fraction of the exciting ventures the city has to offer in the ever-growing world of startups.

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