Exploring Austin’s Innovative Social Media Startups Shaping 2023 Trends

Located in the heart of Texas, Austin has emerged as a thriving hub for startups, particularly those innovating in the field of social media. In this bustling city, entrepreneurs are developing unique platforms and tools to revolutionize the way we interact and engage in today’s digital age. From an app transforming the humble scavenger hunt to an open marketplace linking businesses and social influencers, here’s an insightful look at some notable social media startups in Austin. Their dynamism and innovative thinking are propelling Austin’s startup scene to new heights.

What makes these startups stand out is their forward-thinking approach to social media. Rather than regurgitating existing platforms, these companies are redefining the landscape by creating groundbreaking technology that accomplishes unique purposes within the realm of social media. Core aspects of their mission include enhancing engagement, fostering creativity, streamlining communication, strengthening branding and advertising, and even curating personal experiences.

Whether they’re helping brands connect with their target audience, or enabling the everyday users to express themselves in whimsical ways, these startups demonstrate why Austin is becoming a major destination for tech innovation. Below, we’ve gathered a diverse collection of Austin-based startups making waves the social media domain.

Pop Social

Founded by Rick Kim and Yoon Lee, Pop Social caters to students with its innovative social app. It’s embedded in the information technology, mobile apps, social media, and software industry, demonstrating just how interconnected these sectors are.

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Scavr is breathing new life into scavenger hunts with their creative and intuitive platform. Founded by J.T. Burgess, Scavr sits at the intersection of apps, social media, and software, demonstrating a novel way to combine gaming with social interaction.


An initiative by Adam Zimmer, Armin Sejdic, and Reid Thomas, Hypepilot connects businesses and influencers through its open marketplace. It stands in the advertising, marketing, social media, and PaaS industries, ingeniously bridging the gap between commerce and online personalities.


Operating within the advertising and social media marketing sphere, Zfluence offers services in promotions and brand identification, making it easier for businesses to connect meaningfully with audiences in the digital age.

3rd & Lamar Media

Founded by Nick Schenck, 3rd & Lamar Media is a robust production house and customer acquisition lab. This media-oriented startup exhibits expertise in advertising, marketing, news, and social media.


The brainchild of Benjamin Durham and Justin Brinson, Ploto is a unique 1st Party Platform for SMS and mobile storytelling. This inventive startup is situated within the advertising, social media, and software sectors.


Founded by Gaetan Ekoondo, ComeClosely is a mobile app that promises users unique and memorable moments as they interact with the platform and attend live events. Along with social media, it also has roots in event management and ticketing.


RillaMarks, created by Steven Wang and Vu Ho, aims at empowering the creative community by providing creator-focused solutions. This startup is forging a path in the apps, social media, and professional networking spaces.


Colorcast, founded by Evan Kirkham and Peter Reggio, is a mobile app that lets the masses enjoy live audio commentary. This startup is making strides in the mobile and social media industries.

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Tabella, founded by Juan Acosta, is a social network geared towards catholic communities. This unique platform proves the power of niche social media in fostering communities.

Free Water

Free Water is not just a marketing service company, but a socially responsible startup aiding in water well building through donation collection. This startup shows that advertising and social media can indeed be used for noble purposes.

Bullseye Agency

Offering comprehensive advertising services, Bullseye Agency is making its mark in the realms of digital marketing and social media.

Parachute Digital

John Vance’s Parachute Digital offers digital marketing consulting services. Specializing in advertising and social media, it provides businesses with strategic insights to thrive online.

Advisor Roots

Advisor Roots, founded by Ben Daron and Fereshteh Fattaahi, is a creative agency facilitating online marketing strategies, creative content, and social media management.

Quixotic Bravado

Josh Babetski’s Quixotic Bravado illustrates how storytelling can engage and inspire. With a strong presence in social media and mobile technology fields, it explores the intersections of augmented reality, communities, and film production.

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