Influential Wellness Startups Revolutionizing Health Scene in Miami, Florida 2023

Miami, Florida, a city renowned not only for its vibrant nightlife and pristine beaches but also for being a hub of innovation within the wellness industry. This city is home to a host of unique startups seeking to redefine how we perceive and interact with health, wellness, and well-being. This article showcases some of the most interesting wellness startups based in Miami, each demonstrating an innovative approach towards enhancing health and wellness in various aspects of our lives.

The wellness industry, a broad and diverse sector, encompasses everything from medical care, fitness, beauty, to mental health. It is an industry that never stops evolving, thanks to the continuous advancements in technology. As the industry grows, startups emerge in its landscape, bringing fresh, profound, and often revolutionary concepts that inspire its growth direction. Miami has proven to be fertile ground for such startups, drawn to the city’s dynamic and multicultural atmosphere.

We invite you to learn more about these innovative startups in the wellness industry, establishing their roots in Miami. Each startup tells a unique story about their mission, vision, and journey towards enhancing health and wellness experiences.


LeafWell is a healthcare company that bridges data science, cannabis, and patient advocacy. Co-founded by Emily Fisher, this startup is making strides in the Health Care and Medical Wellness industry. The company excels in using data-backed research to provide effective cannabis-based healthcare solutions, demonstrating how traditional and alternative medicine can harmoniously co-exist.

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Opcion Yo

Opcion Yo is an innovative start-up specialized in emotion-based health and wellness services offered online. Founded by Daniela Sichel and Mariana Morales Girala, Opcion Yo expands its online therapy resources making emotional wellness accessible for people across divides. They hold a significant role in the Corporate Training, Health Care, Lifestyle, and Wellness industry.

Infinity Doctors

Founded by Fabio Cristilli, Infinity Doctors utilizes digital health technology to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions. As a digital healthcare company, Infinity Doctors is redefining the conventional healthcare practices making wellness strategies innovative and accessible.

CBD ReThink

CBD ReThink offers a broad range of high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD products catering to health, beauty, and wellness needs. Their products have become a prevalent alternative medicine option, outlining CBD ReThink’s significant impact within the Alternative Medicine, Beauty, Manufacturing, Pet, and Wellness industry.


Karibo, co-founded by Shana Lydle, provides all-natural CBD skincare, daily wellness, and pain relief products. Particularly loved for their affordability, Karibo has gained a strong reputation within the Beauty, Cannabis, Cosmetics, and Wellness industries.

Biohackers Update

A brainchild of Jean Fallacara, Biohackers Update serves as a reliable source for all news and information related to biohacking, fitness, nutrition, and wellness. As a central hub, it provides valuable insights into the world of health and technology.

Guma Pharma

Guma Pharma manufactures wellness products that merge health benefits with pharmaceutical norms. This Miami-based company is revolutionizing the way consumers interact with health and wellness products, with their unique approach within the Health Care, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Wellness industries.


Sisters Debbie Dickinson and Markea Dickinson, co-founded Thermaband, a health and wellness company dedicated to designing cooling/warming wearable that caters to menopausal women. Their commitment to addressing the personal comfort for this demographic has earned them substantial acclaim within the Consumer Electronics, Health Care, Wearables, and Wellness industries.

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Wellie is a mobile application focused on wellness. Founded by Paul Skidmore, this startup is carving a significant place for itself within the Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Software, and Wellness sectors.


Co-founded by Alejandro Martinez Agenjo and Ricardo Michel Reyes Martinez, Erudit employs latest technologies to provide businesses with reliable and timely ‘People Analytics’ aiding in well-informed decisions. Their impactful contribution spans across the Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Business Information Systems, Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Employment, Management Information Systems, Natural Language Processing, Psychology, and Wellness industries.


uMore is an AI-powered mental health tracker that aids users in identifying patterns, building positive habits, and sharing progress towards mental health improvement. This innovative tool is co-founded by Alejandro Serrano Saunders, Carl Yates, and Joel Stephano, marking a significant milestone within the Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Mobile, and Wellness sectors.


Christina Almeida, the founder of Pildora, tailored this startup to be an e-commerce platform promoting conscious living. Pildora’s wellness, beauty, and fashion items redefine how consumers approach online shopping in a holistic and conscious manner.


Evolve, co-founded by Irina Vlada and Jennifer Todd, administers a unique approach to personal transformation through psychedelics and alternative therapies. Operating primarily within the wellness industry, this startup is gradually changing perceptions about alternative therapies.

Virtual Psychiatric Care

Virtual Psychiatric Care offers highly accessible psychiatric care and mental health services online. Defining a significant presence within the Health Care, Medical, and Wellness domains, this startup democratizes mental health support in a world increasingly moving towards virtual interaction.


MintedLeaf, a wellness startup, creates CBD oils and capsules as alternative medicines. Their products enhance well-being and highlight the remarkable growth of the Cannabis, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, and Wellness sectors.

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Each of these remarkable startups carries forward Miami’s legacy within the wellness industry. They each contribute uniquely to inspiring and sustaining the city’s vibrant wellness industry pulse. As they continue to grow, they not only enrich the wellness sector in Miami but also pose to impact the global wellness horizon.

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