Top Palo Alto Health Care Startups Transforming the Industry in 2023

California holds top-tier global recognition within different sectors such as tech, entertainment, and healthcare. Palo Alto, its iconic city boasting an established ecosystem of innovation, provides fertile grounds for healthcare startups to nurture and birth their ideas; these startups are keen on revolutionizing a space dotted with different, unique sets of challenges. This article is about some cool, path-breaking healthcare startups based in Palo Alto, pushing the envelope for better healthcare delivery and solutions, and transforming the industry with their revolutionary offerings.

These startups span various sectors within the industry such as pediatric care, virtual healthcare delivery, wellness, and many more. We hope this article helps our readers gain knowledge about these innovative startups. The businesses discussed serve as a testament to the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry, and a repository of deep and novel insights in the sector.

It is important to note that the startups we will delve into have distinct characteristics separating them from other entities within the healthcare industry. From leveraging AI algorithms to rolling out real-world clinical evidence-based decision-making tools, these startups are the source of the excitement in the industry, following the unconventional route to provide much-needed disruption and evolution.


Website: Brightline
Brightline is a health tech company specializing in providing behavioral healthcare services for children and their families. This company, founded by Giovanni Colella and Naomi Allen, has cemented its place in various sectors namely Child Care, Family, Health Care, and Home Health Care.

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Lynx MD

Website: Lynx MD
Lynx MD, courtesy of founders Ofir Farchy and Omer Dror, is keen on creating a world where the clinical data could be securely shared. Their focus industries include Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Health Care.


Website: WellBeam
Founded by Amee Devani, WellBeam operates a connected care platform with the purpose of helping hospitals connect with third-party clients. They are a recognized name in the Health Care, Information Technology, and Internet industry.


Website: HealthJay
Rosita Wong and Sean Allen have launched HealthJay, a company that focuses on creating a virtual care platform and ecosystem specially designed for patients. HealthJay has made its mark in the Health Care, Outpatient Care, Software, and Wellness industry.

Nonu Care

Website: Nonu Care
India’s most authentic men’s wellness brand, Nonu Care, was founded by Anudeep Reddy Sura. Though it took roots in India, it’s creating a big impression in the U.S market, particularly in the E-Commerce, Health Care, and Wellness sector.

Bunkerhill Health

Website: Bunkerhill Health
David Eng and Nishith Khandwala set up Bunkerhill Health, providing researchers a method to operationalize their AI algorithms for clinical use. The company serves the Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, and Health Diagnostics industry.

Iris Medicine

Website: Iris Medicine
Iris Medicine focuses its services in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, helping to steer ongoing advancements in the Health Care sector.

Palo Alto Mind Body

Website: Palo Alto Mind Body
Palo Alto Mind-Body offers a variety of therapeutic services like medication management, psychotherapy, acupuncture, depression treatment, OCD, PTSD, and more. They are a recognized name in the Health Care, Medical, Rehabilitation, Therapeutics, and Wellness domain.

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Leigh Winters

Website: Leigh Winters
Fusing beauty and wellness, Leigh Winters was founded to create palpable skin solutions along with nutrition and fitness. The company has made noticeable strides in the Beauty, Cosmetics, and Health Care industry.

MIT Scientific, Inc.

Website: MIT Scientific, Inc.
MIT Scientific, Inc., founded by Rafal W. Lopallo, is a facilitator platform aiming to build legendary medical devices, right from concept to patient. They have carved a niche in the Biotechnology, Health Care, Medical, and Medical Device industry.


Website: Fable
Fable, started by Jason Shellen and Padmasree Warrior, provides a platform for online book clubs. They operate in industries like E-Commerce, Health Care, mHealth, Personal Health, and Wellness.


Website: cogniDNA
Founded by Alper Nese, David Cheney, and Ilia Semenov, cogniDNA offers technology-based insights for intelligence, fitness, and mental Health. They play a pivotal role in the Health Care sector.

Atropos Health

Website: Atropos Health
Atropos Health founded by Brigham Hyde, Nigam Shah, and Saurabh Gombar rapidly provides personalized real-world evidence for any clinical decision. They serve the Health Care, Information Technology, and Medical sectors.

Outer Biosciences

Website: Outer Biosciences
Operating in stealth mode, Outer Biosciences is an intriguing addition to the Biotechnology, Health Care, and Medical sector.

Lamar Health

Website: Lamar Health
Lamar Health’s objective is to connect patients with genetic diseases to new treatments or research. They have made strides in Clinical Trials, Genetics, and Health Care.

Many of these startups are in their initial stage, surprising us with their potential, vision, and innovative solutions. We look forward to witnessing their growth and the subsequent transformation of the healthcare industry.

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