Innovative Los Angeles Marketing Startups Revolutionizing Industry Influences in 2023

Los Angeles, the heart of Southern California, has always been known for its thriving and innovative tech scene. In recent years, it has also emerged as a hub for startups, especially in the field of Marketing. This bustling city is home to a plethora of unique startups, each with a different story to tell, and each adding a new flavor to the global marketing landscape. Let’s delve a bit deeper into some of the exciting Marketing startups based out of LA.

PORTL Hologram

Founded by David Nussbaum and Doug Barry, PORTL Hologram is a pioneering venture in the field of brand marketing that brings at-home hologram machines to consumers. Having its roots in various industries, PORTL Hologram’s offerings can also be seen in others areas such as higher education, telecommunications, and video conferencing.


Celebrands, as the name suggests, is all about celebrity and consumer brands. Whilst its founders are unnamed, the company specializes in linking the world of Hollywood and mass consumerism.


Michele Andreano helped pioneer Limitl3ss, an innovative performance marketing network. Limitl3ss operates across several industries including affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and software-as-a-service.


Marble is the brainchild of Robert Fair and Taylor Martyr. Marble allows users to connect all social accounts and links into a single resource, a utility invaluable for advertisers and marketers alike, and firmly rooted in the software sector.

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Done Marketing

Emil Karlsen and Tobias Mikalsen founded Done Marketing with the mission of empowering small and medium-sized businesses with digital marketing solutions. Done Marketing has earned recognition in the realm of marketing automation.

Sonett Tech

Founded by Kevin Rivers and Richard Rowlands, Sonett Tech is a technology company offering SaaS services and web/mobile development. The company differentiates itself through its mobile app marketing efforts.

Real Web Media

Real Web Media is a self-serve platform for buying and selling ads. It operates in the sectors of advertising and marketing, making it convenient for businesses to reach audiences effectively.

Real Hype Creative Technology

Co-founded by Erica Yang, Real Hype Creative Technology revels in various industries such as digital marketing, e-commerce, and social media management. They believe in creating impactful content and managing it effectively to reach their clients’ respective audiences.


dottob provides branding, website design, email marketing, and videography services. While the founders remain unnamed, the agency has made its mark in the field of Email Marketing and Web Design, among others.

beBOLD Digital

beBOLD Digital, under the leadership of Denny Smolinski, has made a name for itself as a full-service Amazon & Walmart Agency, especially in the Beauty sector. They offer services in the realm of advertising, information technology, and marketing.

Logo Infinix

Logo Infinix stands tall as a leader in providing high-quality logo designing, video animation, and digital marketing services. This startup operates in the advertising, marketing, product design, and web design industries.


Aaron Samuels launched ASVC, an early-stage VC firm investing in the content economy. ASVC promotes and supports ventures in the advertising, e-commerce, internet, marketing, and social media industry.

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Worldwide Casting

Worldwide Casting is your one-stop shop for finding people for various media endeavours. This startup operates in the advertising, digital entertainment, and marketing industry, and provides casting services for commercials, TV shows, game shows, reality shows, and online content.

Brave Road Entertainment

Brave Road Entertainment is a social impact marketing agency. Operating in the advertising, marketing, and social sectors, the founders of this startup continue to make meaningful strides towards creating a social impact through marketing.


Freckle is a unique e-commerce platform that specializes in importing products, tagging them in videos and creating shoppable video landing pages. Their innovative approach to marketing and advertising makes them a notable startup.

This roundup gives a glimpse into the promising future that LA-based startups are shaping. Their innovative approaches and unique contributions to the field of Marketing are helping redefine the global marketing landscape.

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