Top Machine Learning Startups Revolutionizing LA’s Tech Landscape in 2023

Los Angeles, California has been making remarkable strides in the tech industry, NOTABLY in the field of Machine Learning. Amidst its popularity for entertainment and culture, the City of Angels is quickly becoming a hub for innovative startups specializing in various applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This article seeks to highlight some of the pioneered new generation of LA-based companies that push the boundaries of what’s possible in their respective spheres.

These startups leverage machine learning to radically enhance various sectors, including energy, manufacturing, healthcare, business intelligence, content creation, financial services, skincare, social media, and more importantly – substance abuse prevention. Armed with pioneering visions and game-changing technologies, these LA-based startups are reshaping the future by incorporating AI and Machine-learning into their operations and services.

Join us as we shed light on brilliant companies that may well be writing the rule book for the next wave of industry disruption. Here are 15 leading LA-based Machine Learning startups you should know about.


Entos revolutionizes energy and force evaluations necessary for R&D labs using Machine Learning-technology. This artificial intelligence machine learning-based software company was founded by Fred Manby, Sarah Trice, and Thomas Miller.

Atomic Industries

Founded by Aaron Slodov, Austin Bishop, and Lou Young Jr., Atomic Industries is a computational manufacturing company building an AI-powered tool and die maker. Their specialization spills into several sectors, including artificial intelligence, industrial automation, and machine learning.

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Icardio.AI, under Joseph Sokol’s helm, introduces a novel way of interpreting echocardiograms. This technique harnesses machine learning algorithms to utilize over 200 million individual images to provide optimal results.


SpartaX seeks to democratize AI by developing a no-code platform for enterprises to leverage their data and go beyond. Samuel Kassa and Yelekal Mengistu are behind this revolution.

Initiate AI

Initiate AI provides a disruptive solution in content creation. Their AI-powered platform converts text or URL into stunning videos efficiently and automatically using AI-driven algorithms.

AI Ethics Journal

AI Ethics Journal, founded by Aaron T. Hui, is a unique platform promoting academic dialogue on ethical AI. It leverages AI and machine learning to facilitate research and engagement in the ethical dimensions of AI.

100pi Consulting

100pi Consulting provides AI and Machine learning solutions to help businesses enhance their operations and make informed decisions.

Proxima Analytics

Proxima Analytics offers a range of services including data analytics consulting, business intelligence, and machine learning services to help businesses leverage their data effectively.

Beyond Appearances

Beyond Appearances, founded by Moti Asaf, offers an adaptable SaaS platform that enables businesses to transform predictive intelligence into easy-to-understand insights and recommendations.


With its revolutionary robust AutoML, JADBio seeks to make machine learning easy for life-science professionals. Founders Ioannis Tsamardinos and Pavlos Charonyktakis have automated the machine learning process with this incredible product.


Convexa provides digital voice assistants with recommendations to life science companies looking to increase engagement with prescribers. Founders Martin Prunell, Noel Gomez, and Pablo Ricco are at the helm of this innovation.

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Skinary, a venture by Bianca Maxwell Harris, is an integrative health tracking app specifically designed for skin care. It combines big data, healthcare, life science, and machine learning to provide optimal skincare solutions.


Maged is a brainchild of Igor Sokolov. The platform issues automatic alerts about impactful changes in your product, utilizing analytics and machine learning to provide a precise, data-backed update system.

Famecast Media

Co-founded by Paul Cheng and Rex Wong, Famecast Media is an AI-powered platform for content creation, management, and audience monetization. It leverages AI, e-commerce tech, and machine learning to provide unrivaled digital solutions.


mettleAI, under the guidance of its founders Fazal Mahmood and Razi Syed, uniquely employs machine learning to predict substance abuse relapse even before it happens, demonstrating how machine learning can be harnessed for beneficial and practical applications in the medical field.

In conclusion, these startups embody the pioneering spirit of Los Angeles, blazing trails in their respective industries. Each company’s use of machine learning demonstrates the power and potential of this technology, set to revolutionize numerous domains. Let’s continue to monitor these vibrant startups as they delve into new realms and redefine our technological future.

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