Is Blockchain’s Future in Scalable, Secure Interchain Messaging Solutions?

Key Takeaways:

  • Volume is a Berkeley, California-based fintech startup founded by former quants from the world’s leading hedge funds and protocol engineers from the Cosmos blockchain ecosystem.
  • Leveraging blockchain technology, Volume aims to facilitate secure and scalable messaging for any blockchain and any developer working on these chains.
  • Volume is distinguishing itself in the market with its innovative interchain query and response real-time protocols.
  • There is high potential for Volume’s solutions in the continuously growing blockchain industry.

In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology, startups are constantly pushing the boundaries to enhance the security, speed, and scalability of transactions across different chains. One such startup making wavers is Berkeley, California-based Volume. A confluence of former quants from the world’s leading hedge funds and protocol engineers from the Cosmos blockchain ecosystem, Volume’s mission is to make secure and scalable messaging possible for any blockchain and for any developer building on these chains.

Founded by Taariq Lewis, the former co-founder of Sommelier, Volume is pioneering a new path in cross-chain communications. Putting a unique spin on Layer 1(L1) blockchain technology and decentralized applications, Volume stands at the forefront of interchain messaging solutions exploring new possibilities in the blockchain space.

One of the key differentiating factors for Volume is its approach to L1 and Layer 2(L2) transactions. Volume creates L1 blockchains and decentralized apps that monitor these transactions to carry out automated responses which help in achieving developer objectives. This innovative usage of blockchain technology positions Volume as a leader in the communications infrastructure sector within the fintech industry.

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Moreover, Volume’s protocol engineering is uniquely poised to enable continuous interchain queries and responses in real-time across any smart contract. Such a level of interoperability and efficiency is yet to be seen in the blockchain market and it reaffirms Volume’s commitment to revolutionizing cross-chain communication.

As the industry expands and blockchain technologies become more integrated in economies across the globe, startups like Volume have the potential to shape the future of blockchain communications. With its focus on scalable, secure interchain messaging, Volume taps into the key concerns in today’s blockchain industry and aims to provide solutions that not only meet the existing but also the looming challenges in the industry.

To learn more about Volume, visit their website at Follow their updates on social media via Twitter or LinkedIn at

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