Is PropTech Reshaping the Future of Hospitality and Real Estate Investment?

Key Takeaways:

  • Awaysis Capital targets undervalued residential and resort communities for redevelopment.
  • Emphasizes on merging remote working, e-learning, leisure lifestyle with smart, green technology.
  • The firm is spearheading the integration of PropTech into the hospitality industry and real estate investments.
  • Creates a promising future for the junction of Real Estate, Hospitality, and Technology.

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Awaysis Capital is a dynamic startup in the realms of hospitality and real estate investment. Merging these traditionally distinct industries with emergent PropTech, Awaysis Capital reimagines investment strategies and property development. The firm focuses on identifying and acquiring undervalued operating and shovel ready residential and resort communities in desirable global travel destinations, upcycling and rebranding them for the contemporary market.

The Awaysis brand vision extends beyond mere property development. By integrating remote working, e-learning, and leisure lifestyle trends with smart, green technology, Awaysis encapsulates the contemporary global lifestyle. This holistic approach presents an enhanced proposition to owners and vacationers, and promises high returns for investors.

What sets Awaysis Capital apart is their strong emphasis on PropTech. Property Technology or PropTech is the application of information technology and platform economics to real estate markets. By leveraging PropTech, Awaysis Capital can drive efficiency and transparency, and manage risks better while maximizing returns. Furthermore, the company’s model of targeting undervalued properties in prominent travel destinations uncovers hidden capital, which is then regenerated and repurposed for elevated yields.

Crucially, the incorporation of smart and green technology into their hospitality and real estate offerings enriches the customer experience and ensures Awaysis properties are a responsible, sustainable choice. In doing so, Awaysis serves a rapidly growing demographic of travelers and remote workers looking for reinvents lifestyle accommodations conscientious about their carbon footprint.

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As the world emerges from the grips of the pandemic, what the future holds for real estate and hospitality is transformation. Startups like Awaysis Capital that leverage PropTech are set to lead this revolution by introducing a future where property development and management are dynamic, efficient, and eco-friendly, entirely transforming the landscape of the industry.

With distinguished founders, Andrew Trumbach and Michael Singh at its helm, Awaysis Capital aspires to continue innovating and pushing the boundaries of traditional real estate investment and hospitality. Keep abreast of their exciting journey via their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

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