Top Training Startups Shaping New York’s Industry Landscape in 2023

At the heart of New York’s vibrant startup scene lies an interesting collection of innovative training startups that are rewriting the playbook for how we learn and enhance skills. In this diverse mix, we find companies that range from offering psychedelic-assisted therapy training to some that are focusing on career advancement education for women. These startups are not just tackling unique skill development facets, they are also fueling growth and contributing to the tech-driven economy. Here, we spotlight fifteen of these groundbreaking startups – each demonstrating a fresh take on training and learning.

The startups featured here are from different industries, including E-Learning, Financial Services, HR, Consulting, and more. Each one has found clever ways to leverage the digital world to offer valuable training solutions, be it to businesses, professionals, or individuals. From digital finance education to sales consulting – their innovative approaches to upskilling and professional development are truly game-changing.

Irrespective of the industries they operate in, these startups share a common goal: to empower people and businesses through outstanding training programs. They aim to provide the tools, resources, and networks necessary for success, making them key players in New York’s burgeoning startup scene.


Fluence stands out in the E-Learning and Education sector with its unique focus on psychedelic integration and psychedelic-assisted therapy. Their continuing education and certificate programs are transforming the psychology and training industry.

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With dynamic solutions for the modern athlete, Empower3d is championing in Business Development, Professional Networking, Sports, and Training. They provide athletes the tools, resources, and networks required for business success.

SOFR Academy

SOFR Academy, led by founder Marcus Burnett, offers financial education and market information. Their services empower corporations, institutions, governments, and individuals to make better decisions in fields such as Banking, Business Intelligence, Education, and more.

Aster Talent Partners

Aster Talent Partners is a noteworthy Consulting firm providing HR, administrative, support, recruitment, and professional development services. They uniquely blend human resources and training to provide comprehensive solutions.


In the realm of business development and corporate training, SalesGevity provides effective sales consulting solutions, primed to enhance the performance of sales teams.

Karta Legal

Drawing an intersection between law and consulting, Karta Legal offers litigation support, project management, training, and IT services for law firms and corporations.

Culture Shift Agency

Co-founded by John Scilipote and Martha Williams, Culture Shift Agency is an established coaching and consulting firm reshaping the training landscape.

Throughline Group

Throughline Group specializes in media coaching, executive training programs, custom workshops, and presentation skills services. They are taking executive training to the next level with their unique focus on media skills.

S3 Yoga

Making health a priority, S3 Yoga provides private sessions, group sessions, events, and tailor-made yoga for athletes. They cater to the wellness industry and have a unique blend of training and recreational services.

Cogency Integrated Healthcare IPA

Cogency Integrated Healthcare IPA offers essential services in mental health, substance use disorder, and primary care. They stand out in the fields of Education, Healthcare, and Training.

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Business Acumen Institute

Business Acumen Institute, by Steven Haines, provides business skills training services. They specialize in Corporate Training and Professional Services.

BSG Solutions

BSG Solutions offers a range of career services including admissions counseling, leadership development, and life coaching programs. They are a major player in the E-Learning and Education sector.

The AcadeMe

The AcadeMe offers a career advancement education platform for women. Lisa Wang’s ed-tech startup is making strides in Education and Training.

K+K Reset

K+K Reset is an HR consulting and outsourcing firm. They offer cutting-edge solutions in Consulting, Corporate Training, Human Resources, and Outsourcing.


BlockTren provides blockchain-related education and consulting. They seamlessly blend Blockchain, Consulting, and Training to offer innovative solutions.

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