Is This Innovative Recruiting Software Changing the US Job Search Industry?

Key Takeaways

  • Jobrain aims to revolutionize the job search industry with its innovative software and affordable pricing.
  • Uses a professional resume builder that includes more than 1000+ templates.
  • Members get comprehensive guides, tips, and blog posts about the current job market situation.
  • Jobrain offers value for money as it provides large discounts on all consultations and services during the job search.


In an era of technology and the internet, more job seekers are turning to online platforms to find employment opportunities. Understanding the dynamics of this new trend in job searching, Wilmington-based startup, Jobrain has developed a software which is not only changing the way people search jobs but also how they present themselves to potential employers.

The company provides a platform that significantly eases the job searching process, offering resume-building services, comprehensive guides, and consultations, all for a very affordable price. They have geared their services towards making job searches more efficient and successful for job seekers.

Differentiating Factors

Jobrain sets itself apart with its comprehensive offer. For just $2.99 a month, Jobrain members have access to a PRO Resume builder boasting more than 1000 professional templates, a feature that sets PRO members as featured candidates in their own employer portal, and a plethora of professional guides, tips, articles, and blog posts regarding the current job search market situation. In addition, members enjoy a whopping 40% discount on all consultations and services during job search.

This blend of features embedded in its innovative software makes Jobrain a unique player in the job search industry. By offering all-in-one services in job searching, resume building, and providing vital tips for job seekers, it provides an unmatched value while also creating a unique user experience.

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Conclusion and Future

As the job search industry continues to evolve, job seekers will continue looking for efficient, affordable, and convenient ways of landing their dream jobs. This is where Jobrain comes into the picture, providing a platform that not only simplifies job searching but also includes several resources pros would find helpful. The affordability of Jobrain’s services sets it potentially ahead of its competitors in the industry.

With the goal to further simplify the job searching process across the US, Jobrain is certainly a startup to look out for in the future. The company has established a strong presence on social media. To learn more about Jobrain, visit their website. You can also check out their LinkedIn page.

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