Palo Alto’s Influential Security Startups Transforming the Industry Landscape in 2023

In the heart of Silicon Valley lies Palo Alto, a city teeming with innovative and emerging technology startups. In particular, the security sector continues to grow with startups that are tapping into cutting-edge technology to deliver innovative cybersecurity solutions. These startups are using AI, cloud computing, network security, and more to help safeguard companies from various digital threats. Here, we will showcase a list of interesting security startups based in Palo Alto, California.

From enterprises to small businesses, these startups provide solutions that meet different cybersecurity needs. Their dynamism is reflected not just in the variety of sectors they cover, but also in their approach to tackling cybersecurity challenges. Whether it’s secure data storage, combatting misinformation on social media, or protecting cloud infrastructure, Palo Alto-based security startups are making their mark in the industry.

Here’s a look at some of the most interesting security startups based in Palo Alto, which are shaping the future of cybersecurity and transforming the way businesses protect their digital assets.


Founded by Deb Banerjee and Karthik Kannan, Anvilogic is a cybersecurity operations platform that enhances security performance through multi-cloud workloads. This artificial intelligence-based platform is specializing in network security and IT.


BluBracket, established by Ajay K Arora and Prakash Linga, provides a unique code security platform that identifies security issues and helps maintain data integrity.


Co-founded by Anurag Gurtu and Yasir Khalid, StrikeReady affords a platform equipped to handle issues related to technology exhaustion, skilled talent shortage, and limited collaboration in the realm of cybersecurity.

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Trust Lab

Trust Lab, founded by Benji Loney, Shankar Ponnekanti, and Tom Siegel, offers an innovative solution for controlling the spread of misinformation and harmful content on social media platforms.


Appaegis, developed by Michael Shieh and Yonghui Chang, is a security platform that simplifies enterprise application and data access while enforcing zero-trust security for all users and devices.


Established by Anshu Sharma and Prakash Khot, Skyflow brings forth a data privacy platform that promises seamless and secure data handling.

Vannevar Labs

Vannevar Labs was launched by Brett Granberg, Danny Goodman, and Nini Moorhead with the prime focus of developing national security technologies to deal with critical national security issues.


Ermetic, under the leadership of Arick Goomanovsky, Michael Dolinsky, and Shai Morag, is a unique cloud infrastructure protection startup that reduces breaches by limiting the cloud’s attack surface.


Veza, initiated by Maohua Lu, Rob Whitcher, and Tarun Thakur, offers a data security platform enabling users to share and use their data safely.


Founded by David Hendri and Shira Shamban, Solvo presents a highly effectively cloud security solution for software developers.

Noname Security

Noname Security, established by Oz Golan and Shay Levi, provides a security platform that enables enterprises to secure both managed and unmanaged APIs.

Permiso Security

Founded by Jason Martin, Phanikrishna Modali, and Stephen Demjanenko, Permiso Security delivers a cloud detection and response solution based on a unique identity approach.

Happioh Inc

Happioh Inc, co-founded by Brian Frandsen and Soulaima Gourani, provides the first-ever language and platform-agnostic meeting intelligence software designed for the Enterprise SaaS market.

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anecdotes, initiated by Eitan Adler, Roi Amior, and Yair Kuznitsov, is a compliance platform that empowers compliance leaders to streamline their infosec compliance efforts.


Co-founded by Ashish Verma and Kedar Kekan, Airavana offers an AI-powered Sensitive Data Discovery and Data Security for cloud applications.


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