Is This New Training Tool Revolutionizing the Space and Aerospace Industry?


Key Takeaways:

  • Nova Space aims to accelerate professional development in the space industry through digital training courses
  • The organization provides certifications for professionals aiming to increase efficiency and create a conducive working environment in the field
  • Nova Space is different in combining management experience, a broad network of clients, and access to public capital markets
  • This startup could play a vital role in the imminent boom of space exploration and tourism

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Nova Space is creating a new wave in the aerospace and corporate training industry. With space travel and exploration at its core, it seeks to revolutionize professional development in the space and aerospace industry through comprehensive digital training courses.

The startup’s mission is clear: to concretize the space industry standard for professional development. They provide the preeminent professional certifications intending to create a more productive and efficient working environment for space professionals both in the US and internationally, thus making the industry more inclusive and accessible.

What sets Nova Space apart is its unique combination of an experienced management team, an extensive network of potential clients, and access to public capital markets. Founded by Christopher Allen and Joseph Horvath, the startup is uniquely positioned to support the accelerated growth of the domestic and international Space community.

The startup offers training that is tailored to individual needs to foster competency, thus helping teams to achieve their goals more efficiently. Nova Space is undoubtedly setting itself as a forerunner in the digital training field within the space industry.

Looking towards the future, Nova Space is on a trajectory to become a critical part of the imminent boom in the space and aerospace industry. With the popularity of space tourism and exploration on the increase, the demand for professionally trained personnel will skyrocket, and Nova Space is positioning itself at the forefront of meeting this growing need.

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Only time will tell just how impactful Nova Space will be in shaping the future of the space industry, but they’re certainly on the right path. Check out their website and follow their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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