LA’s Most Influential Analytics Startups Redefining Data Interpretation in 2023

In the heart of California, the city of L.A. has quietly become a stronghold for incubating startups that transcend various industries. There is a particularly interesting surge in data analytics startups, leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide innovative solutions to complex problems. In this feature, we turn our spotlight on fifteen of these game-changing Analytics startups that are currently making waves in Los Angeles.

From automatic analytical solutions, predictive intelligence to deployments in workplace wellness, and even greenhouse gas measurements, these startups offer a wide breadth of advanced analytical capabilities across various sectors. Let’s delve deeper into the individual players that constitute this vibrant analytics ecosystem.

Join us as we navigate through Los Angeles’ analytics hub, highlighting the unique value proposition of each business, their industry focus, and the visionary founders that fuel these cutting-edge startups.


Founded by Erin Angerer, Josh Pitts, and Nate Wyne, Floodlight has positioned itself as a dynamic data analytics company that makes Scope 1 & 2 GHG measurement and reporting fast, easy, and defensible. Specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Geospatial, and Predictive Analytics, Floodlight is transforming risk management and software sectors in its stride.

Three Good

Three Good, founded by Braven Greenelsh, is an innovative wellness SaaS platform that provides insights and analytics on team mental health and wellbeing. The platform leverages analytics within the realms of Human Resources to foster better workplace wellness.

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Quantar stands as an attractive solution for small to medium-sized businesses yearning for substantial data analytics solutions. This startup effectively demystifies and simplifies Analytics, Big Data, and Software.

Fessex Consulting

Fessex Consulting is a specialist in data analytics, offering comprehensive services in predictive analytics, marketing optimization, and automation. Within Analytics, Management Consulting, and professional services, Fessex acts as a trusted advisor.

Beyond Appearances

Beyond Appearances offers an adaptable SaaS platform that transforms predictive intelligence into actionable insights and recommendations. Moti Asaf is among the brilliant minds behind its unique services that cover Analytics, Cryptocurrency, Machine Learning, and other Information Technology sectors.


JADBio is infusing life into the field of life sciences, pharmaceuticals, predictive analytics with its robust AutoML solution that automates the machine learning process. It’s a testament to the vision of founders Ioannis Tsamardinos and Pavlos Charonyktakis.


Founded by Martin Prunell, Noel Gomez, and Pablo Ricco, Convexa presents digital voice assistants with recommendations for life science companies seeking enhanced engagement with prescribers. The startup’s services span various sectors including Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics.


POURED inc, founded by Edgar de Gracia and Ryan Reeves, offers a SaaS platform that instantaneously digitizes drink menus and photographs of retail shelves for analytics by beverage distributors. The startup is digitizing the E-commerce, Food and Beverage sectors.


Maged, brought into existence by Igor Sokolov, presents automatic alerts about impactful product changes. The startup’s services are in the realm of Analytics and Machine Learning.

Dalton Bioanalytics

Developed by Austin Quach and Seungjun Yeo, Dalton Bioanalytics presents analytical technology that unlocks a wealth of information available in the blood, shaking up the Health Care and Biotechnology sectors.

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Founded by Aivar Laan and Slava Kalichonak, FanSifter is a fan data management platform designed to escalate the sales of music, tickets, and other entertainment commodities.


Perflo, founded by Bentzy Goldman, is the first people-oriented analytics platform built exclusively for teams. The startup is revolutionizing the field of Machine Learning and Software.


OmniPanel, established by Blaine Bolus and Troy Bolus, is an analytics platform that gleans insights from customer support tickets, aiding in retention and profitability maximization.


Emmett Miller, Leo Schottenstein, and Wyatt Miller founded Invezo, an investing research/analysis tool for both stocks and crypto-assets, providing tools to decode complexities within the Financial Services industry.


Karim Mokhtar is one of the visionaries behind Malqart, which serves as a nexus of sales intelligence and global investors.

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