Top Influential Risk Management Startups Revolutionizing New York’s Business Landscape

With the rise of new technologies and the wave of digital revolution, New York-based startups are harnessing innovative solutions to manage and mitigate risks. This intricate task of risk management is essential in every industry and is now being transformed through smart applications of AI, digital technologies, and advanced analytics. The following startups from the Big Apple are making waves by offering new, cutting-edge risk management solutions for a diverse array of sectors, from finance and insurance to cybersecurity and AI.

As the global business landscape continually evolves, the significance of effective risk management cannot be overstated. The ability to identify, evaluate, and prioritise risks followed by optimal application of resources to minimize, control, and monitor the probability of unfortunate events are key. These startups are driving new methodologies and digital solutions to cater to these needs, thus revolutionizing the domain of risk management.

The focus of these upcoming startups is not simply limited to traditional sectors. They are branching out to novel fields such as AI, cybersecurity, lending, and compliance among others, thereby offering a 360-degree approach to risk management. Here’s a closer look at these New York-based startups redefining risk management:


EvolutionIQ is a pioneer in the field of Risk Management. Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence, this startup offers claims guidance solutions for insurance companies. This AI startup is binary in its approach, also focusing on fraud detection and commercial insurance. The company is founded by Michael Saltzman and Tomas Vykruta who bring their extensive experience and knowledge to developing superior risk management strategies.

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Digital Prime Technologies

Digital Prime Technologies provides customizable prime brokerage technology solutions for financial institutions. By integrating risk management solutions into the realm of cryptocurrency, lending, and financial services, this startup is changing the risk management landscape. The company is led by founders Darren Wolfberg and James A. Runnels.


FischerJordan is a consulting firm specializing in analytics-driven marketing strategy, investment optimization and management consulting. This startup intertwines business development, risk management and other facets of management consulting in its unique approach.

Cinctive Capital Management

Cinctive Capital Management specializes in equity strategies. Balancing financial services with real estate investment and risk management, the foundation of this firm lies in its industry experience and proficiency in service industries. This company is the brainchild of founders Lawrence Sapanski and Richard Schimel.


CogNext provides unique software solutions focusing on compliance, balance sheet analytics, model risk management and financial spreading. Founded by Alok Tiwari and Sandip Mukherjee, this risk management startup delivers exceptional solutions for financial services.

Botticelli Capital Partners

Botticelli Capital Partners is an investment management firm that utilizes valuation and portfolio structure in delivering risk management services. With a keen focus on consulting and financial services, this startup has been founded by Martin Lee and Paolo Roselli.

Samurai Data Analytics

Samurai Data Analytics uses the power of Artificial Intelligence in delivering fintech solutions. Rooted in innovative technology and analytics, this startup forges the future of risk management.

Procapita Partners

Procapita Partners is a provider of financial and investment services. With a focus on a range of areas including accounting, banking, consulting, retirement, wealth management, and risk management, this startup is ushering in new ways of navigating financial risks.

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GT Digital

GT Digital, founded by Gary Olson and Leonard Fertig, uses next-generation security technology for threat detection. It converges the fields of national security, predictive analytics, public safety, and risk management in an innovative ecosystem.

Nelumbium Capital

Nelumbium Capital, headed by Abhishek Sinha, offers portfolio management, investment, asset and risk management services. Its capability to deliver results across various financial domains makes it a noteworthy player in the risk management startup scene.


VisibleRisk is a holistic cyber risk management startup that strikes a balance between financing and cybersecurity. With the clear goal of managing cyber risk as a financial risk, this startup equips business leaders with the ability to understand and manage cyber threats.


Lokavant provides real-time visualizations, risk alerts, artificial intelligence, and insightful services. This IT firm is carving a unique niche within the risk management realm with its data visualization and AI-driven approaches.

Pave Finance

Pave Finance is led by founders Pascal Cevaer-Corey, Peter Corey, and Steve Evans, it provides personalized and institutional quality financial guidance in the domain of risk management.


Meritarc is a human capital management platform that ties together advisory services, application performance management, financial services, and risk management to deliver effective solutions.


AZA-Soyul, founded by Abudi Zein, Allyson Agosta, and Bruce Alphenaar, provides a host of services involving asset management, risk management, and financial services. Its diverse offerings underscore the startup’s holistic approach to risk management.

In conclusion, these startups are redefining the landscape of risk management by leveraging novel technologies and innovative strategies. While the challenges are immense, the future of risk management looks brighter than ever before, thanks to the relentless efforts of these emerging startups.

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