Leading LA’s Game-Changing Business Development Startups Shaping 2023’s Industry Landscape

Home to Silicon Beach, Los Angeles occupies a unique intersection where tech innovation, entertainment, and entrepreneurship converge. Consequently, the city boasts several interesting startups in the business development niche, providing an array of services range from marketing and consulting to financial planning and digital services. These startups are driving business growth and innovation, not just in Los Angeles, but throughout the United States and beyond. Let’s take a look at some of these promising ventures.

With the e-commerce industry currently booming, Boosted Commerce has tapped into this potential by offering a CPG platform that acquires a variety of business sizes and verticals. Founded by Charlie Chanaratsopon and Keith Richman, the startup brings a unique proposition to the e-commerce industry, demonstrating its prowess in business development and developer platform services.

Boosted Commerce

Boosted Commerce is a robust platform that provides an invaluable resource for businesses of various sizes to expand their reach and profitability. Its founders, Charlie Chanaratsopon and Keith Richman, are noted players in the field of Business Development, E-Commerce, and Developer Platforms. The startup provides comprehensive solutions to businesses, guiding them through the growth process and helping them scale to greater heights.

Investment company, Lvlup Ventures provides business development, fundraising, marketing, and consulting services for organizations. A powerhouse in the realms of business development, consulting, and venture capital, the company offers comprehensive solutions to businesses at different stages of growth.

Lvlup Ventures

Lvlup Ventures prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for businesses seeking to level up. The company combines business development, fundraising, marketing, and consulting services to form a comprehensive package aimed at boosting the growth and efficiency of client organizations, making it a standout player in the ever-competitive venture capital ecosystem.

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Fletch Equity, a financial firm, provides private equity, business development, venture capital, consulting, and financial planning services.

Fletch Equity

In an economic climate where businesses need all the financial support they can get, Fletch Equity provides a vital lifeline. Offering a diverse range of services including private equity, business development, venture capital, and consulting, the firm is a go-to resource for businesses seeking financial stability and growth.

Client Search, a Google Ads agency, specializes in generating leads for clients. Founded by Dan Fraser, this startup is making massive strides in the advertising sector.

Client Search

Founded by veteran internet marketer, Dan Fraser, Client Search offers an innovative approach to lead generation. By leveraging Google Ads, the startup has been able to provide clients with a steady stream of high-quality leads, leading to substantial increases in conversion rates.

Over to data science education, DataPoint Armenia provides data science workshops and webinar services.

DataPoint Armenia

Recognizing the crucial role of data science in modern business, DataPoint Armenia offers comprehensive training in this field. Through workshops and webinars, the startup helps organizations unlock the potential of their data-driven initiatives, fostering knowledge-sharing and capability development in the flourishing field of data science.

RISE Consulting provides consulting services to startups and entrepreneurs.

RISE Consulting

In an economy increasingly powered by startups and small businesses, RISE Consulting provides an essential service. Offering expert consulting services, the startup helps fledgling businesses navigate the initial stages of growth, providing valuable insights and advice to help them reach their objectives.

BootLab is centered on software research and development, providing valuable tech solutions to businesses.


Founded by Andrew Malekie and Joseph Screen, BootLab focuses on research and development in software and web development. With a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of software design and functionality, the startup offers top-notch tech solutions that drive efficiency and productivity in businesses.

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Digital agency firm, Just Slide Media, led by Steven Sesar, offers a technology marketing platform with business development growth.

Just Slide Media

Steven Sesar’s Just Slide Media is a digital agency with a difference. The firm provides a unique technology marketing platform to entrepreneurs, offering tailored solutions to foster business development and growth in a digital age.

Abbaszadeh Enterprises, a conglomerate of companies, helps businesses succeed in every aspect of life.

Abbaszadeh Enterprises

Founded by Reza Abbaszadeh, Abbaszadeh Enterprises takes a holistic approach to business development and success. Through its myriad services, the company provides support and expert advice in areas such as consulting, real estate investment, software, and venture capital, driving success for its client businesses.

Tailwind Acquisition is a $334M Purpose-Built SPAC.

Tailwind Acquisition

Spearheaded by Chris Hollod and Philip Krim, Tailwind Acquisition represents an innovative approach to asset management and business development. With a whopping $334M SPAC, the financial powerhouse provides robust financial services designed to spur considerable business growth.

Gloss Ventures creates next-generation portfolio of legacy brands, driving developments in brand marketing and personal branding.

Gloss Ventures

Gloss Ventures, founded by Quinn Roukema and Tobias Töpel, is at the forefront of the movement to revitalize and reinvent legacy brands. By creating a next-generation portfolio, the startup is paving the way for innovative brand marketing and personal branding strategies.

Consulting firm, Grey Space Consulting offers customer experience, operations efficiency, and customer support solutions.

Grey Space Consulting

Grey Space Consulting is a standout player in the field of management consulting. Providing solutions in customer experience, operational efficiency, and exceptional customer support, Grey Space helps businesses streamline their operations while enhancing profitability and client satisfaction.

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FlexHQ is a co-warehousing company providing warehouse and workspace solutions for businesses.


In an era marked by remote working and digital nomads, companies like FlexHQ are more necessary than ever. Offering co-warehousing solutions, the startup enables businesses to operate more flexibly and cost-effectively, proving that the future of work has already arrived.

WE Global Studios is a digital platform that helps women entrepreneurs scale businesses.

WE Global Studios

Addressing the gender imbalance in entrepreneurship, WE Global Studios leverages digital platforms to empower women. The initiative provides advice, consulting, and business development services tailored specifically for women, helping them overcome barriers and scale their businesses.

Vanessa Stofenmacher is a creative branding agency offering digital marketing and growth consulting services.

Vanessa Stofenmacher

With a passion for fostering connection and expression through design, Vanessa Stofenmacher’s creative branding agency is a beacon of innovation. Offering digital marketing and growth consulting services, the firm is instrumental in helping businesses develop a compelling brand narrative and enhance their market reach.

In conclusion, the business development startup scene in Los Angeles is teeming with unique ventures, each bringing a distinctive approach to address the needs of modern businesses. With technological innovation and a distinct sense of creativity at their core, these companies are spearheading the transformation of the L.A. business landscape while making their mark on the global stage.

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