Top Influential Los Angeles Cannabis Startups Revolutionizing the Industry in 2023


As cannabis continues to make its journey from prohibition to a booming industry, Los Angeles, California stands at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship. It is a hotbed for startups capitalizing on the ‘green rush’, as investors and entrepreneurs aim to capture the growth potential within the cannabis market. We have collated a list of some of the most interesting cannabis startups in Los Angeles to keep your eye on.

Part of the appeal of these startups is that they are not just focused on growing and selling cannabis, but rather, they are innovating and creating a diverse list of cannabis-related products and services. This new wave of entrepreneurship goes far beyond traditional roles in the cannabis market, extending into technology, healthcare, and more.

With the legal cannabis market in the U.S. estimated to reach $41.5 billion by 2025, there’s no doubt that this industry has immense potential. Here is a look at 15 exciting startups that are shaking up the cannabis industry in Los Angeles.

People Science

Founded by Noah Craft, People Science is a tech-led R&D platform for alternative medicine. This startup combines cannabis with healthcare offering a unique twist on traditional medical solutions and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with cannabis.

William Ray LA

Created by William Ray Norwood Jr., William Ray LA is a cannabis and CBD management company. They bring a sense of style and sophistication to the cannabis industry with their high-end, quality products.

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Under the leadership of founders Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, Jannise Babbush, and Wassef Tawachi, dreamt manufactures innovative, science-forward cannabis products.

Ciencia Labs

Also founded by Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, Jannise Babbush, and Wassef Tawachi, Ciencia Labs is another Los Angeles-based company producing cannabis brands and products.


SQRD Lab serves as a cannabis testing laboratory. They offer crucial compliance testing services for both flowers and edibles in the market.

Jenny’s Rose

Founded by Jimmy Castillo, Jenny’s Rose works in the development of Cannabinoid Technology and IP Development, furthering the research and possibilities in the cannabis healthcare field.

CBD Real

CBD Real operates as a CBD consultant company. They bring clarity to the rapidly expanding CBD industry, helping businesses navigate through the law and ethics of CBD operation.

Discreet Kush Dispensary

Discreet Kush Dispensary is a renowned weed shop in the USA and Europe, specializing in quality products and customer service.

Shryne Group

Shryne Group engages in the cultivation and retail of cannabis, proving a strong presence in both cannabis production and distribution.


Established by Harlan Cox, Beta is the world’s first cannabis delivery application that sponsors dispensaries worldwide.

Under the leadership of Mateo Freeman, is an advertising platform connecting retailers with consumers within the cannabis industry.


CBidds is a leading B2B cannabis marketplace platform, providing a secure and easily accessible environment for business transactions in the cannabis industry.


Developed by founders Darren D’Silva and Logan Dickey, Hoosh! Delivery provides an on-demand delivery service, exclusively for cannabis products.


Amuse, an online retailer founded by Alex Becker, Drew Keslowitz, and George Durzi, brings cannabis right at the doorstep of consumers.

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Foxy USA

Lastly, Foxy USA offers cannabis products that align with a love of high-quality flowers and a unique approach to cannabis culture.

In conclusion, these startups are designing innovative solutions, introducing new products and services in this expanding industry. Each of them provides a glimpse into the bright future of the cannabis industry in Los Angeles and beyond.


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