Leading Miami Professional Services Startups Shaping Florida’s Business Landscape 2023

Florida, with its supportive startup ecosystem, sunny skies, and lack of state income tax, has become an attractive hub for entrepreneurial talent, particularly in the city of Miami. This bustling metropolis is not only renowned for its tropical climate and vibrant nightlife, but also its thriving startup scene that has been receiving national attention. From angel investments to public adjusting, and web development to career planning, Miami’s startups are gaining traction in a multitude of professional services industries. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the interesting startups making waves in Miami, Florida.

The startups showcased in this feature highlight the dynamic range of services that tech innovators are delivering on a multitude of professional fronts. These are businesses lightyears away from the conventional, delivering cutting-edge solutions that push boundaries, meet market needs, and challenge the status quo.

Spanning across different industries such as financial services, web development, career planning, pet services, and more, these startups are refreshing visions of professionalism that are setting new standards in their respective sectors. Without further ado, let’s dive into our list of exceptional professional services startups in Miami, Florida.

Gold Coast Angel Investors

Gold Coast Angel Investors is a professional services startup that provides angel investment services, venture capital, funding advisory, and consultation. They bring together experienced investors and ambitious entrepreneurs to support the growth and development of startups across different industries. Their expertise and networks make them a crucial resource for companies seeking investment.

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Family Public Adjusting

Family Public Adjusting is a consulting startup offering public adjusting and insurance appraisal services. Working with insurance policyholders, they help ensure clients receive fair compensation for their losses. Their dedication to their clients and expert advice make them a valuable player in the insurance industry.

Gauz Technologies

As a professional services firm focused on web development, Gauz Technologies specializes in web design, web hosting, domain management, and both frontend and backend development. By providing essential services that help businesses shine online, this startup is an invaluable asset in today’s digital age.

The Sales Gym

Finding its strength in professional services and training, The Sales Gym is an industry innovator. The startup offers high-quality sales training that helps individuals and teams refine their skills and strategies to become sales powerhouses. Founded by Rafael Félix Torrese, The Sales Gym is the coaching partner that sales professionals need.


Fostered by co-founder David Fano, Teal is a personal career growth platform that provides users with the tools, skills, and recommendations they need to skyrocket their careers. This startup is quickly carving out a niche for itself in the world of career development and professional services.


Co-founded by Aaron Bernstein, TrustServe provides administrative, operational, accounting, venture capital, and regulatory compliance services. This financial services industry startup democratizes business processes for companies of all sizes.

Wealth Builders 365

Offering a range of financial and funding solutions, Wealth Builders 365 was brought to life by founder Josiah Wiley. This promising startup is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses manage and grow their wealth effectively.

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MKH Capital Partners

MKH Capital Partners is a noteworthy private equity firm headquartered in Miami. It offers long-term family capital and private equity consulting, making it a strong contender in the financial services landscape and an invaluable resource for businesses at all stages.


Founded by Alejandro Selvi and Andres Rodriguez Selvi, PetsRWise is a platform that helps pet owners find the best pet-care service providers in a convenient and reliable manner. This consumer-oriented startup is revolutionizing the pet-care industry with its comprehensive and user-friendly platform.

Mashman Ventures

Mashman Ventures is an innovative Miami-based startup founded by Isaac Mashman. As a public relations firm specializing in personal branding, Mashman Ventures works with individuals and businesses to develop, improve, and manage their public image and brand reputation.


Co-founded by Kelsey Bishop, Candor is a career-centric platform that focuses on optimizing the way people work. This professional network empowers users to make strategic career decisions and encourages productive dialogues at the workplace.

Muver: Gig Driver workspace

Muver, founded by Andrei Povalaev, Roman Barinov, and Stanislav Levykin, is a comprehensive workspace for gig drivers. It allows users to work with rideshare and delivery apps in one fluid interface, creating a more streamlined and efficient way to manage gig work.


Getaway, founded by Ali Nichols and Amr Shafik, assists investors in premier real estate through design and data services. This innovative startup is shaking up the real estate scene while aiding investors to make calculated and strategic decisions.


Analance enables organizations to confidently make data-driven decisions. The IT service provider offers a portfolio of solutions aimed at optimizing business development, providing a fresh outlook on how success can be achieved through well-executed data strategies.

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Last but certainly not least, Perfect.live, led by Dmitri Laush, is a lifestyle mobile app. Leveraging artificial intelligence, it aims to transform how users interact with various aspects of their daily lives. In the intersection between leisure, lifestyle, and professional services, this startup holds great promise.

Each startup highlighted in this feature is a testament to the dynamism and forward-thinking drive of the Miami entrepreneurial scene. From innovative tech solutions to reimagined corporate services, these companies are shaping the future of Miami’s professional landscape.

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