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Leading New York Fitness Startups Shaping Wellness Industry in 2023

When it comes to fitness startups, the innovation landscape is bursting with ideas that push the boundaries of what’s possible. New York City, one of the trendiest global fitness hubs, is home to a plethora of these intriguing companies. They’re pioneering in their various approaches, from tech-enabled wellness to health-focused consumer goods. Whether it’s customized exercises, AI coaching or promoting mental wellness, these start-ups are all striving to make a difference in the fitness industry.

From weightlifting plans driven by artificial intelligence to wearable technology that aids safer workouts, these fitness companies are not only revolutionizing the way we stay fit but also how we view and understand health as a whole. Pioneering ideas and products from these startups have the potential to make their way into workout plans of fitness enthusiasts around the globe. We can’t wait to see the trends they’ll set and the new solutions they’ll bring to the table.

Without further ado, let’s delve into these standout health and fitness startup companies and what they bring to the wellness forefront.


Kickoff is a remote wellness coaching platform co-founded by Connor Stauffer and John Gardner. The startup aims to empower coaches to offer previously impossible results for their clients in the fields of career planning, nutrition, and fitness.


Hilma offers natural, quality products and remedies to boost health when it’s needed the most. The company was started by Hilary Quartner, Lily Galef, and Nina Mullen to aid fitness, personal health and healthcare through biotechnology.

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Founders Eugene Wang, George Sun, and Xavier Vargas established Nextiles, a startup that fosters better, safer, and more efficient exercise with their curated fitness systems. They focus on combining analytics, wellness, and wearable tech in the healthcare industry.

The Lanby

The Lanby is a unique healthcare members club designed to give users early access to membership. Founders Chloe Harrouche and Tandice Ossareh Urban envision fitness, healthcare, and wellness from a different perspective.


HumanCo, founded by Jason H. Karp, is a mission-driven holding company that focuses on investing in a healthier living. The company operates in the spheres of fitness, healthcare, and wellness.


Real is a mental healthcare company founded by Ariela Safira that provides a platform for mental health patients. They offer both online and in-person experiences.


FitnessAI, founded by Jake Mor, is an app that uses Artificial Intelligence to generate personalized weight lifting plans. The startup aims at being a game-changer in apps, artificial intelligence, fitness, and the software industry.


Framework, created by Jack Stevens and Rushabh Sadiwala, offers a platform for coaches, educators, and creators to build goals-based membership communities. They operate in the wellness and fitness sector.

She Matters

She Matters is a social networking platform dedicated to black women’s mental health. Founders Jade Kearney and Marguerite Pierce have taken on a critical issue in the healthcare, fitness, and wellness industry.


Mediflix, initiated by Neil Braun, Ronald Berk, and Steve Leber is the first streaming video health platform offering information, inspiration, strategies, and innovation for patients.


Fitnescity, started by Laila Zemrani and Çağatay Demiralp, is on a mission to build the world’s largest platform of wellness tests in the healthcare, personal health, and lifestyle segment.

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Curex is a telehealth platform offering immunotherapy, custom treatments, allergy testing, and asthma care services, providing much-needed solutions in healthcare, fitness, and wellness.


HealthQuarters, founded by Bhavdeep Singh, offers health systems, wellness providers, and brands the ability to reach new patients and consumers.


Outdoorly believes in supporting active lifestyles. The sporting goods company operates in the fitness, e-commerce, marketing, and lifestyle sectors.

The Beet

Offering advice for those interested in a plant-based diet, The Beet delivers recipes, product reviews, and expert advice to lovers of fitness and healthy eating. The startup operates in the digital media, food, and beverage industry.

These innovative health and fitness startups are transforming the face of wellness in the US and worldwide, changing the way we approach personal well-being. With such exciting evolutions on the horizon, the future of the fitness industry looks bright, diverse, and ground-breaking.

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