Miami’s Most Influential Mobile Startups Shaping Tech Future in America

Florida’s vibrant city, Miami, is known for more than just its breathtaking beaches and lively nightlife. In recent years, it has emerged as a hotbed for innovative startups, particularly those in the mobile sector. From cryptocurrency to digital beauty services, immigrant financial aid to language learning, mobile-based startups in Miami are providing life-changing solutions for their users, disrupting traditional industries in the process. This article will highlight some of these forward-thinking startups making waves in Miami, their founders, their industries, and the innovative work they are doing.


MoonPay is a financial technology company that is revolutionizing payment infrastructure for cryptocurrencies. In the booming crypto world, MoonPay is a key player helping users to seamlessly use their crypto assets.


Co-founded by Alejandro Miron, Estuardo Figueroa, and Santiago Rossi, OKY provides digital access to prepaid payment solutions to immigrants in the US, bridging the financial services gap for immigrants while also offering consumer engagement technologies to merchants.


Expetitle is a multi-state title company that aims to help real estate brokerages increase profits and save valuable time for their realtor teams. Focused on the mobile industry, Expetitle was co-founded by Sean Daly.


Linguado is a free mobile app co-founded by Alexander Kaplan and Italo Roldo. The app connects language learners with native speakers of the desired language instantly, creating a global language exchange platform.


RiceApp, co-founded by Carlos Emilio Gonzalez, Flavio Icaza, and Maria Jose Velazquez, is an innovative dining app through which diners can book, order, split the bill, and pay at their restaurant table without the need for waiter assistance.

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HireApp, co-founded by Nemanja Stefanović and Simon Stantic, offers practical solutions for staffing and recruitment. The mobile-based platform enables fast and smart staff hires for businesses.


Marotino, founded by Cezary Ostrowski, is a Software House specializing in technologies such as Java, React, Angular, React Native, and Blockchain, offering robust software solutions.


SACBÉ is a mobile application that offers P2P payments, VISA card, transaction management, and digital banking services, simplifying financial management for its users.


GRAYLL is a mobile application offering comprehensive risk management and asset management services for crypto investors, promoting safer investments in the crypto landscape.


Co-founded by David Yohros, Tripper is an automotive company offering a mobile and web-based platform that connects cab drivers and commuters online, revolutionizing transportation.

A Basic Company

A Basic Company, co-founded by Maria Goretti Victoria and Renée Marie Beauchamp, is a mobile app through which users can book at-home beauty services ranging from nail maintenance to body treatments.


Co-founded by Juan Diaz, Steambull offers on-demand car care through its mobile application, providing an easily accessible solution for automotive servicing and maintenance.


HPEC, founded by Leah Houston, is committed to decentralizing identity for physicians, thus promoting physician autonomy through innovative technology solutions.

CLYPR Technologies

Founded by Carlos Banks, CLYPR Technologies offers a mobile application that connects barbers and their clients through a seamless booking and payment system.


Co-founded by Vladimir Korobeynik, Chargefon provides a mobile charging solution for users on the go, bridging the gap in electronics and mobile charging needs across various industries.

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