Guide to Influential Miami App Startups Dominating the US Market

Miami, Florida, a city defined by its vibrant culture and iconic coastal landscape, has experienced a significant surge in technology startups over the past few years. The city’s strategic geographic location, combined with its advantageous tax structure and the allure of its quality of life, is attracting numerous entrepreneurs, developers, and innovators. This growth trend is perhaps most noticeable in the apps sector, where several Miami-based startups have disrupted various industries, from finance and education to healthcare and logistics. Let’s dive into some of the exciting, innovative startups leading the charge within the mobile app industry in Miami.


Linguado, a product of visionaries Alexander Kaplan and Italo Roldo, is a unique, free mobile app designed to connect language learners with native speakers instantaneously. It majorly operates within the Language Learning and Mobile Apps industry.


SACBÉ is an innovative offering in the banking sector, bringing the ease of P2P payments, transaction management, and digital banking services to its users. This mobile app provides a hassle-free, Visa card-based payment system in the Banking, Financial Services, Mobile Apps, and Payments industry.


The mobile app, GRAYLL transcends traditional banking and offers asset and risk management services specifically designed for cryptocurrency investors. The application is a big player in the Asset Management, Cryptocurrency, Mobile Apps, Risk Management, and Wealth Management industry.


Pioneered by Patricia Garcia, unithrifts is a unique blend of e-commerce and peer-to-peer platforms. It has integrated gaming features to allow students and alumni to sell and network within a shared ecosystem, majorly involving the Apps, E-Commerce, Fashion, Higher Education, and Social Impact industries.

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With robust founders like Chris Diacov and Richard Marlin, Yazz offers an eclectic mix of services in the Apps, Delivery Service, Service Industry, and Software sectors.


Founded by David Yohros, Tripper focuses on strengthening the connection between cab drivers and commuters by offering a mobile and web-based platform that harmonizes the transportation experience in the Automotive, Mobile Apps, Ride Sharing, and Transportation industries.

A Basic Company

Pioneered by Maria Goretti Victoria and Renée Marie Beauchamp, A Basic Company offers a self-care mobile app that provides at-home beauty services ranging from nail services to body treatments in the Apps, Beauty, and Mobile Apps industry.


Drizip, founded by Fridrik Grimsson, is offering a peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace within the Apps, Car Sharing, Peer to Peer, and Transportation sectors.

Mango Soft Inc

Mango Soft Inc. founded by Jairo Gonzalez, Marta Visbal, and Paul Kühne, is a development company that primarily operates in Enterprise Software. They bring a unique, organic framework to the Apps, Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, Information Technology, SaaS, and Software industry.


Founded by Juan Diaz, Steambull offers on-demand car care through a sophisticated mobile app in the Automotive, Internet, Mobile Apps, Service Industry, and Software sectors.


HPEC, pioneered by Leah Houston, offers a unique solution in the form of decentralized identity for physicians. It covers a broad spectrum of industries, including Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Cyber Security, Education, Health Care, Identity Management, Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Privacy, and Social Media.

CLYPR Technologies

Pioneered by Carlos Banks, CLYPR Technologies offers a mobile app that connects barbers with their clients. Besides booking, the app also offers a payment solution majorly operating in the Beauty, FinTech, Mobile Apps, Mobile Payments, Small and Medium Businesses, and Software sectors.

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Fathered by Vladimir Korobeynik, Chargefon offers an on-the-go mobile charging solution for the increasingly mobile workforce. It’s shaking things up in the Apps, Electronics, Hospitality, Mobile, Mobile Apps, Rental, and Software sectors.


Wellie, founded by Paul Skidmore, is revolutionizing wellness and self-care provision through a responsive mobile application that operates in the Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Software, and Wellness sectors.


Created by Eric Doty, Loupe is a live eCommerce streaming platform. The mobile application’s unique value proposition is in its utility to collect sports cards, thus disrupting the Apps, E-Commerce, Mobile Apps, and Sports industries.

As the rise of these innovative startups continues, Miami will undoubtedly become an even-more-prominent player in the national and global tech ecosystem, particularly in the mobile apps sector. With a growing base of talented entrepreneurs and strong community support, the city’s future as a technology powerhouse appears quite promising.

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