Orlando’s Most Influential Internet Startups Revolutionizing US Tech Scene

There’s a burgeoning tech scene in Orlando, Florida that’s making waves across the US, and it’s not all coming from the Mouse House. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the truly innovative internet startups based in Orlando – in industries as diverse as IoT security and Email Marketing to Telecommunications and Retail Technology.

We will introduce you to nTropy, provider of scalable solutions to secure IoT devices and many more Florida-based startups aiming to make a huge impact in their respective industries. These startups are tackling big problems and are turning heads while doing so.

Whether you’re an investor scouring for the ‘next big thing’, an entrepreneur looking for inspiration, or you’re just curious to see what’s going on in the industry, these startups are definitely worth your time. Enjoy your journey through Orlando’s bubbling startup scene.


nTropy is an Orlando-based startup focused in Information Technology, Internet of Things, and Security run by users Charles Grochowski and Steven Rosonina. They’re providing scalable solutions to secure IoT devices from increasing threats and regulations.

Inbox Mailers

Inbox Mailers focuses on Advertising, Email, Email Marketing, Internet. They are focused on email marketing solutions intended to help businesses grow.

Activate Wireless

Based out of Orlando, Activate Wireless is a startup that provides SIM cards and data plans for M2M and IoT devices. Their services are focused on Internet of Things, Telecommunications, and Wireless.

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Bluejestic Inc

Co-founded by Jude Plaisir and Marildania Espinal, Bluejestic blends Social Commerce, Social Media, eCommerce, and more to create innovative marketplaces and social management platforms.


SHERLOC, co-founded by Julianna Ormond and RC Williams, is making strides in the world of AI. They provide Market Research, Competitive Intelligence and Advanced Technologies to their clients.

The Show Site

The Show Site, founded by Michael Kesler, offers a one-stop portal for everything Trade Show related: News, Services, Information and more!

Premium Sellers

Premium Sellers offers Business consulting in the e-commerce industry, with their services being focused on Retail Technology.


Growception, founded by Parth Patel, is a full service digital marketing agency to help businesses grow their online reach.


Umwuga is an award-winning internet service provider that also focuses on Customer Service and Field Support.


HostingVote helps users compare and review web hosting services to ensure they find the best fit for their needs.


Cogency provides a system for video conferencing, screen sharing, and corporate branding with an unlimited number of participants.

Freedom Stocks

Freedom Stocks is a Financial Services and FinTech startup that also addresses needs in the Internet, News, Software, and Sustainability sectors.

Promptly Polished

Co-founded by Chenenne Gonzalez and Nekeshia Woods, Promptly Polished is an new e-commerce site focusing on products from emerging black brands in the beauty and hair industry.

Ultimate Mobile

Ultimate Mobile is a telecommunication company that provides sim cards, data plans, control centers, and wireless IP networking services.

Nelson Cybersecurity LLC

Nelson Cybersecurity LLC, founded by William Nelson, provides Cybersecurity software to application developers, aimed to bolster network security in the tech world.

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In conclusion, if you’re looking for a hotbed of technological and internet startups, don’t overlook Orlando. This town is staking a claim to be a start-up hub with companies challenging industries from E-commerce to Fintech. The innovators mentioned above are just the tip of the Orlando iceberg.

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