Emerging Software Startups Revolutionizing Tempe Arizona’s Tech Landscape in 2023


Tempe, Arizona, a vibrant hub of innovation in the United States, has been home to an exciting array of top-notch IT startups. These startups are at the forefront of technology, focusing primarily on software, data analytics, machine learning, and more. This article examines some of the brilliant software startups in Tempe.

From enterprise to productivity tools, these startups leverage high-tech technologies and have unique business models that are redefining the sector. The successful founders behind these startups are leading the way for further technological advances, creating solutions that have the potential for significant societal impact.

This comprehensive tour of Tempe’s software startup scene includes a brief introduction to each startup, its industry, founders, and a link to its website, offering a panorama of this vibrant and innovative ecosystem. Let’s delve into the world of software startups in the beautiful city of Tempe, Arizona.


Remitter is a smart collections platform, mainly targeting enterprise businesses. Founders Jonathan Van Doore and Simon Scalzo have created a powerful tool operating in the software industry.


Co-founded by Art Hansen and Mac McKeen, Incus5 is a dynamic platform providing data migration, cloud integration, along with application and software development services.

Intercept CX

Intercept CX is co-founded by Bret Giles and offers real-time customer experience feedback using video and voice. This innovative startup is making strides in the analytics, machine learning, and software industry.

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Founders Jeff Nickoloff and Portia Dean have introduced Topple, a productivity tool for building confident teams. You can learn more about Topple and their innovative software solutions on their website.


Interobang Group is an incubator and a product studio that has been making significant contributions to the software industry.


Optimized for real-time management, analytics, and disclosures, Persefoni is a climate management and accounting platform founded by Jason Offerman, Kentaro Kawamori, and Kim Stroh.


Seedscout is a networking company offering professional and social networking facilities. It is an innovative addition to the consumer, consumer software, professional networking, and social network industry by founder Mat Sherman.


Providing virtual reality technology solutions for video and audio platforms, GeniusX is an extraordinary creation by founders Joe Polish, Lyle Maxson, and Nick Janicki.

Adapt the Game

Founded by Victor Ocando Finol, the Adapt the Game mobile application allows fans with disabilities to easily access tickets and locate venues.

BlockScience Labs

BlockScience Labs, founded by Chris Frazier and Nick Hirannet, offers data science products that enhance the user experience.


GraphicsFlow provides innovative cloud-based graphical workflow solutions.


Bidlight, co-founded by John Theis and Mouldi Nouri, offers a SaaS solution for architects, engineers, and contractors to estimate projects more efficiently.


Theraview is an IT services company that specializes in software and app development for mental health management.

Vizulingo Language Learning

Founder Mark Murphy’s Vizulingo is a learning platform helping English learners advance their skills with Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and gamification.

Newmark Networks

Newmark Networks, a SaaS venture founded by Kevin Frei, specializes in software solutions. Learn more at their website, Newmark Networks.

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