Revolutionary Miami Real Estate Startups Shaping the Future of American Housing


Welcome to an exciting journey, as we dig into the buzzing startup ecosystem in Miami, Florida. This coastal metropolis is known for far more than its sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife. It’s an emerging hub for innovation, especially in the real estate sector. This article is a roadmap highlighting some of the most promising real estate startups based in Miami. These startups are maneuvering the latest technology trends, pushing the boundaries, and redefining the real estate landscape as we know it.

Real estate startups in Miami are pioneering in diverse areas such as financial technology, property management, investment services, digital marketing, and many other industries seamlessly interconnected with real estate. They are not only standing tall in the face of industry challenges but are also providing innovative solutions to meet the dynamic needs of modern real estate investors, owners, and renters. Without further ado, let’s jump into the world of Miami’s thriving real estate startups.

Take note that these startups vary in their growth stages. While some are still early in their journey, others have made substantial progress, turning heads in the industry with their disruptive innovations. Regardless, these startups share a common vision – to reshape the real estate landscape and offer unique value propositions. Here’s a closer look at these promising startups.


DoorLoop operates in the Accounting, Property Management, Real Estate, Rental Property, and Software sector as a property management software company. It allows clients to screen tenants, collect rent, and manage accounting services. Founded by Adam M., David Bitton, and Dean Brodesky, DoorLoop is playing a significant role in digitizing property management practices.

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Expetitle is a game-changing startup in the Mobile and Real Estate industry. Founded by Sean Daly, this multi-state title company aims to optimize the efficiency of realtors and increase the profitability of brokerages.


In the Finance, Financial Services, Information Technology, and Real Estate sector, we have nxtCRE. An exciting startup founded by Adam Sharif that serves as an open-bank fintech, nxtCRE supports the commercial real estate market by providing access to a vast network of potential investors.


Square2 is en route to simplify asset and property management. Operating in the Real Estate industry along with sectors such as Advice, Asset Management, and Property Management, Square2 is aiming to provide efficient property and asset management services.

Piquet Realty

The real estate industry in Miami also boasts of Piquet Realty, a startup that brings exclusive properties and luxury residencies to the market. Specializing in Property Development, Real Estate, and Rental Property, Piquet Realty is an emblem of opulent living options.

1212 Capital Partners

1212 Capital Partners is a notable name in the Financial Services, Hedge Funds, Impact Investing, and Real Estate Investment sectors. Known for its expertise in real estate investment, it is also seen making strides in impact investments.

The Hype Real Estate Group

Operating in Leasing, Real Estate, and Real Estate Investment, The Hype Real Estate Group is a promising brokerage agency in Miami’s real estate scene.

Miranda Marketing Digital

If it’s about blending real estate with online marketing, Miranda Marketing Digital has nailed it. This Consultancy, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, and SEO specialist is transforming how real estate marketing is done online.

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Continental Development Holding

Continental Development Holding is at the forefront of community development initiatives offering affordable housing. This startup operates in Communities, Property Development, and Real Estate sectors.


Shomer is disrupting the Commercial Real Estate, E-Commerce, Marketplace, and Warehousing industry. Co-founded by Andres Leimdorfer and Nicolas Pastura, this startup aims to streamline warehousing storage and third-party logistics services.

Lien Library

Lien Library founded by Mac Alabre and Rohansen Joseph, is a tech-driven startup, offering unique services in accessing, monitoring and gathering liens on properties. The startup operates in the Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Government, Information Services, Internet, Machine Learning, Real Estate, and Software sectors., founded by Alex Arguelles and Danny Kattan, is revolutionizing the real estate industry by making sale-leaseback mainstream. It delivers indispensable services in the Finance and Real Estate sectors.


Lendai, a fintech company co-founded by Boaz Leviatan, Erez Dricker, and Tim Mironov, operates in the Financial Services, Fintech, and Real Estate sectors.

Legacy Residential Group

Legacy Residential Group, founded by Tommy Cabrerizo operates in the Commercial, Property Management, Real Estate, and Residential sectors as a leading property management company.

Kipling Ventures

Lastly, Kipling Ventures founded by Simeon Ramsden, is a formidable player in the Construction, Hospitality, Property Development, Real Estate, and Residential sectors. This startup is dedicated to pioneering real estate property development.

In conclusion, these startups represent a glimpse into the vibrant real estate ecosystem in Miami. Each one of them proves that there’s much more brewing in Miami’s startup scene than just sunshine and beach parties. It’s innovations like these that are propelling Miami to become a dynamic hub for real estate startups. Stay tuned for more information and updates regarding these and many other exciting startups in and around Miami. The journey has just begun!

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