Revolutionary New York Social Impact Startups Reshaping 2023’s National Landscape


The impressive wave of social impact startups emerging from New York continues to position the city as a pioneering hub for innovative solutions addressing pressing societal challenges. From uplifting marginalized communities to championing environmental sustainability, these startups cross various sectors while driving change and impact. Here, in no particular order, are fifteen of the noteworthy social impact startups based out of New York, New York, offering creative solutions to transform society positively.


Adventurely is a community-oriented startup designed to foster connections amongst digital nomads and their local communities. Founded by Mita Carriman, the platform significantly falls within the travel, tourism, social network, and social impact sectors. By promoting engagement and interaction amongst digital nomads, Adventurely strengthens community ties and enhances localized experiences.

Half Basis

Half Basis is at the forefront of the fight against climate change. Founder JM GR has pooled together resources aiming towards environmental restoration. The startup, working within the news, social news, and social impact industries, is dedicated to promoting awareness and stimulating action to address the planet’s growing environmental challenges.

Urban Indigenous Collective

Urban Indigenous Collective, envisioned by Ariel Richer, extends its advocacy and support to recognized tribal members by offering them affordable health and wellness services. It straddles various sectors, including advice, communities, heal care, non-profit, and social impact, affirming its commitment to the well-being of indigenous communities.

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Global Commons Alliance

The Global Commons Alliance is a non-profit organization that empowers and connects businesses focusing on various advocacies. This alliance underscores its social impact by fostering professional networking among different social enterprises, encouraging collaboration towards seeking solutions to shared challenges.


Committed to sustainable fashion, PROTA FIORI delivers luxury women’s footwear with a conscious effort in reducing the industry’s ecological footprint. Their range spans e-commerce, fashion, shoes, social impact, and sustainability, giving a fashionable yet eco-friendly footwear alternative to the conscious consumer.


upps™, a wellness brand encapsulated in an app, is devised to enhance comprehensive health and wellness through digital solutions. The startup applies mobile apps, retail, and social impact industries to introduce an accessible and convenient path towards achieving healthful living.


ImpactWayv is a platform leveraging the power of social media to accelerate social good. Founders Benji Bernstein and George Dolatly promote cohesion amongst people, businesses, and nonprofits through this Internet, mobile apps, and social impact startup, leading the path towards collective positive change.

FLIT Invest

FLIT Invest, founded by Alejandro Fritz, Richard Papp, and Serena Fleischman, presents users the means to align their financial investments with their values using an automated impact investing app. This fintech startup traverse various industries, including apps, cleantech, finance, financial services, impact investing, social impact, sustainability, and wealth management.


OpenAxis, brought to life by founders Alex Damianou, Andrew Chung, and Patrick Russo, promotes the visualization, sharing, and collaboration process with data to tell impactful stories. Their analytic tool assists journalists and other users in various sectors, including data visualization, analytics, journalism, social impact, and software.

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Los Deliveristas Unidos

Fighting for the safety and justice of app delivery workers, the Los Deliveristas Unidos collective underlines the pressing need for rights and protection within the service industry. Their advocacy represents the social impact that workers’ rights can have on industry transformation in the gig economy era.

RUCA Capital

RUCA Capital, spearheaded by founder Chelsea Mehra, backs companies amplifying a positive, demonstrable social, and environmental effect. Their endorsement of these impactful businesses validates the potential for financial success while encouraging responsible sustainability and social impacts.

My Home Pathway

My Home Pathway, founded by Castleigh Johnson, simplifies the mortgage customer acquisition process while improving risk profile evaluations. Operating within the fintech, real estate, social impact, and software sectors, the startup introduces opportunities for aspiring homeowners to navigate the housing market.


With founders Anisha Desai and Sarah Ganzenmuller leading the way, Ripplfect offers a platform that connects eco-conscious consumers to sustainable businesses. Working within the environmental consulting and social impact sectors, they bridge the gap between consumers and companies committed to preserving the planet.

Campaign for Black Male Achievement

The Campaign for Black Male Achievement puts the focus on leadership development, social impact, and support initiatives for Black Community members. Through their work, they uplift and empower the African American community to thrive in every aspect of life.


BRAVE UP!, conceived by founder Alvaro Carrasco Arriaza, assists K-12 schools in detecting, predicting and preventing bullying and cyberbullying cases. This edtech startup harnesses technology to create safer and more welcoming school environments.

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