Top Influential Social Media Startups Shaping New York’s Future in 2023

New York, the hub of numerous booming industries, is mammoth not only in its population, but also in its influence. The wildly diverse city is a testament to the innovative minds that strive for originality and inspiration, some of this innovation takes the form of startups. The startup scene in New York is vibrant, particularly the social media sector. This article will provide an overview of a select number of intriguing social media startups based in New York City, serving as a testament to the city’s rich and thriving tech ecosystem.

These startups are using cutting-edge technologies, and are further solidifying New York as a significant global contender for the title of tech hub. They’re pulling in investors, receiving praise from industry pundits and, most importantly, meeting the ever-evolving needs of consumers. From subscription-based communities to novel CRM systems, the Big Apple is truly leading in the social media landscape.

Join us on a journey through this dynamic landscape of New York-based startups that are moving the needle in social media tech. Find out who these startups are, what they do, and who’s behind their success.


Locals simplifies the process of creators starting a subscription-based community and makes it easy for them to earn money directly from their supporters. Founded by Andrew Conru, Assaf Lev, and Dave Rubin, this startup spans numerous industries including Media and Entertainment, Social Media, Software, and Subscription Service.

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Named after the lion, king of the jungle, Lionize is a B2B software platform that enables brands to partner with influencers at scale. It was founded by Chris Buetti, and operates in the Advertising, Internet, Marketing Automation, Social Media, and Software sectors.


Playground is a web 3 social platform that has been intentionally designed to connect people more deeply to their community and one another. Co-founded by Linda (Jia Ling) Yang, Playground operates in the Communities, Guides, Location Based Services, Mobile, Personalization, and Social Media industries.


Stakes is a social wagering platform for NFTs that aim to transform sports betting into a more social activity. Kevin W. is the brain behind this Blockchain, cryptocurrency, Mobile Apps, Social Media, and Sports startup.


Startup Clay provides a beautiful and private home for the people and relationships in your life. Matthew Achariam and Zachary Hamed founded the company, which operates in several sectors including Computer, Contact Management, CRM, iOS, Product Design, Productivity Tools, Social CRM, Social Media, and Software.

Courier Newsroom

Founded by an unidentified group of entrepreneurs, Courier Newsroom publishes news and information on social media platforms and online channels to serve communities. It operates in the Media and Entertainment, News, Publishing, and Social Media industry.


minisocial, aka The UGC Platform, was co-founded by Austin Rogers and Kirsten Baumberger. As the name suggests, it operates in the Content Creators, Content Marketing, and Social Media sectors.


Qaptum crunches social networks data to provide intelligent analytics. The startup operates in the Analytics, and Social Media industry.

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Oneshot App

Oneshot is a photo and video capturing app that falls into the Apps, Social Media, Software, and Video sectors.

Otto and Friends

Founded by Ryan Hallett, Otto and Friends provides branding, social media marketing, SEO, web design, and development solutions. The company operates in the Advertising, Brand Marketing, Social Media, Web Design, Web Development space.


Adam Elbendary founded Cleverman to provide digital marketing agency services including social media management, online lead generation, and web development. It is a player in the Advertising, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Web Development industry.

11 Ounces

Founded by Corey Nocco and Thomas A. Harris, 11 Ounces is an advertising firm that provides brand strategy, paid media, analytics, creative design, and social media management services. It sits within the Advertising, Consulting, Social Media Management industry.

Unplug Collective

The focus of Unplug Collective is mental health and body liberation of black and brown women. It is a social media-based community that operates in the Communities, Social Media sectors.

IHC Agency

Iman Hasan founded IHC Agency to provide digital marketing, social media management, events, and partnership services. The company specializes in the Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media Management field.


Semisupervised provides brand management, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and advertising services for start-up businesses. It is active in the Advertising, Brand Marketing, Consulting, Digital Marketing, Digital Media, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Marketing sectors.

New York’s vibrant social media startup scene continues to inspire and provide new opportunities for businesses and individuals alike. Discover the companies that are shaping the future of social media, each bringing a unique offering and vision to the table.

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