Revolutionizing Business: The 15 Most Exciting B2B Startups in San Francisco

San Francisco is well-known for being a hub of innovation and technology. It’s a breeding ground for startups, with a bustling ecosystem that nurtures new ideas and entrepreneurs. In this article, we’ll showcase some exciting B2B startups in San Francisco, California, that are shaking up their industries and making waves in the market.

Resolve: The Future of B2B Payments

Resolve is a B2B payments platform that offers buy now, pay later billing for business purchases. Their platform is designed to help businesses manage their cash flow while giving them the flexibility to make purchases when they need to. With a simple and user-friendly interface, Resolve is quickly gaining popularity among businesses of all sizes.

Torpago: Corporate Cards for Better Spend Management

Torpago is a financial technology company that provides corporate cards equipped with spend management software. Their platform helps businesses keep track of their spending, manage their budgets, and streamline their expense reporting. With Torpago, businesses can gain better control over their expenses and optimize their financial operations.

Polytomic: Sync Internal Data to Your Business Systems

Polytomic is a data integration platform that helps businesses sync their internal data to their business systems. Their platform enables businesses to integrate data from different sources and automate their data management processes. With Polytomic, businesses can improve their data accuracy, reduce manual errors, and save time and resources.

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Ravacan: Purchasing & Procurement Software for Commodity & Supply Managers

Ravacan is a purchasing and procurement software that helps commodity and supply managers analyze costs and manage suppliers. Their platform provides a central place for managers to track their procurement processes, manage their suppliers, and optimize their procurement operations. With Ravacan, businesses can streamline their procurement processes and reduce their costs.

Primer: Business to Business Marketing Solutions

Primer is a business to business marketing company that offers marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Their platform helps businesses create targeted and effective marketing campaigns, generate leads, and grow their customer base. With Primer, businesses can leverage the power of marketing to drive growth and increase their revenue.

Platform Good: Linking Fitness Activities to Charitable Giving

Platform Good is a platform that links fitness activities to charitable giving. Their platform enables businesses to support charitable causes while promoting wellness and fitness among their employees. With Platform Good, businesses can solve their CSR and marketing challenges while creating a positive impact on their communities. Connecting Sales Professionals to Companies is a SaaS platform that connects sales professionals to companies that need sales talents. Their platform helps businesses find and hire the best sales talent, streamline their sales processes, and improve their sales performance. With, businesses can optimize their sales operations and grow their revenue.

Metamanagement: Secure Software Deployment to Customer VPCs

Metamanagement is a platform that allows B2B companies to securely deploy their software to customer virtual private clouds (VPCs). Their platform enables businesses to deploy their software securely and efficiently, without compromising the security and privacy of their customer’s data. With Metamanagement, businesses can offer their software as a service and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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GrowthMasters: B2B Growth and Customer Acquisition

GrowthMasters specializes in B2B growth and customer acquisition and has generated more than 70M views for companies on LinkedIn. Their platform helps businesses create effective growth strategies, generate leads, and acquire new customers. With GrowthMasters, businesses can achieve sustainable growth and scale their operations.

Compyle: Connecting Businesses to Buy and Sell Products and Services

Compyle is a platform that connects businesses to buy and sell products and services. Their platform enables businesses to find new customers, expand their product offerings, and grow their revenue. With Compyle, businesses can tap into new markets and opportunities, and improve their competitiveness in the market.

Crescendo: SEO and Digital Marketing Services

Crescendo Consulting Group is a digital marketing agency that offers SEO, digital marketing, and paid amplification services for e-commerce, fintech, B2B, and CBD industries. Their platform helps businesses improve their online presence, drive traffic to their website, and increase their conversions. With Crescendo, businesses can leverage the power of digital marketing to grow their business and succeed in the market.

Bizzit: Making Biz Discovery Fun

Bizzit is a platform that makes business discovery fun and engaging. Their platform enables businesses to discover new opportunities, connect with other businesses, and find new customers. With Bizzit, businesses can unlock new growth opportunities and take their business to the next level.

TapWater: Infrastructure for Building Working Capital Features

TapWater is a platform that provides infrastructure for building working capital features. Their platform enables B2B platforms to build their own working capital features without the need to embed a boxed solution. With TapWater, businesses can improve their cash flow and optimize their financial operations.

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CoDo: Onboarding and Activating Platform Participants at Scale

CoDo is an online tool that helps companies onboard and activate their platform participants at scale. Their platform enables businesses to create engaging onboarding experiences, automate their activation processes, and improve their retention rates. With CoDo, businesses can onboard and activate their participants more efficiently and effectively, and maximize their platform’s potential.

LEAD: Connecting Your Workforce and Building Meaningful Connections

LEAD is a platform that helps businesses keep their workforce connected and build meaningful connections among employees. Their platform enables businesses to create engaging and interactive communication channels, foster a positive work culture, and improve employee engagement and productivity. With LEAD, businesses can create a strong and cohesive workforce and achieve their business goals.


These 15 B2B startups in San Francisco, California, are transforming their industries and revolutionizing the market. With their innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies, these startups are changing the way businesses operate and helping them achieve their goals. Whether you’re looking to improve your financial operations, optimize your marketing efforts, or streamline your sales processes, these startups have something to offer. Keep an eye out for these exciting startups and see how they can help your business grow and succeed.

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