Revolutionizing Finance: Influential Salt Lake City Startups Transforming Financial Services

Utah’s Silicon Slopes are increasingly known for tech and startup ventures, but the ecosystem also boasts a burgeoning group of financial services startups, especially in Salt Lake City. This burgeoning hub of fintech innovation, nestled in the Rocky Mountains, offers a compelling scene for investors and entrepreneurs alike. With an attractive combination of a favorable business climate, a highly educated workforce, and a reputation as a tech hotbed, Salt Lake City presents a fertile ground for the growth and development of startups. Let’s dive deep into some of these startups that are driving forward innovation in financial services.


Databento is transforming the financial data industry by offering pay-as-you-go access to financial data. Founded by Christina Qi, the Fintech startup operates within various industries including Cloud Data Services, Information Technology, Market Research, and Software. By making data acquisition flexible and accessible, Databento supports businesses in making better, data-driven decisions.


atomic, headed by founders Jordan Wright and Scott Weinert, specializes in online lending and other financial services. They operate in the Banking and Lending industries, reflecting a development towards more efficient and user-friendly online banking solutions and bringing innovation to traditional banking practices.

SeniorCare Benefits

SeniorCare Benefits is a company providing Medicare coverage options. Operating in the Financial Services, Health Insurance, and Medical industry, the firm offers an essential service that aids in simplifying the often complex and confusing landscape of Medicare.

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LegUp Ventures

LegUp Ventures offers a variety of services across multiple sectors including Business Services, Education, Real Estate, and Financial Services. With such a diverse portfolio, they are a noteworthy player in the Salt Lake City startup ecosystem.

High Priority Loans

Providing lending solutions to postal employees, High Priority Loans is integrating a streamlined, secure process for credit and lending in the financial services sector.


Founded by Alex Johnson, Andrew Pignanelli, and Nate Battistone, Decheque operates on the cusp of fintech and the marketplace industry, connecting private investment funds to financial advisors and individuals.


Velvet, founded by Alex Johnson and Andrew Pignanelli, focuses on making it easy for institutional investors to discover, evaluate, and invest in private funds. This innovative fintech solution simplifies and streamlines investment processes.

The DrivenFund LLC

Providing financial services in the hedge fund industry, The DrivenFund, founded by Andy Singh, is a dynamic player on the financial scene in Salt Lake City.

Sapa Investment Group

Sapa Investment Group offers investment and financial planning services for business development within construction, finance, and the real estate investment industry.


Providing solutions in e-invoicing, billing, and payment processing services, Strivecx is modernizing transaction management processes.


Founded by Kaela Worthen and Stephen Walter, Paintbrush connects idea-stage founders with the non-dilutive capital they need to grow their businesses according to their own terms. This operates in the intersection of financial services and fintech.

Levo Financial

Founded by Dillon Martin, Justin Clark, and Nick McCormick, Levo Financial offers a treasury management account for startups, simplifying the financial management process for fledgling businesses.

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Founders Bradley Allgood, Jaime Plata, and Oliver Gale established Fluent, a bank-led, transparent stable coin providing stability across multiple institutions.


With a platform that facilitates private secondary transactions in venture-backed companies, VESO, founded by Jake Gallagher, incorporates financial technology into the finance and payments industry.

Checkmate Equity

Checkmate Equity, established by Davi Ramos and Griffin Sinn, offers streamlined cap table management services, equity administration, and premier onboarding for companies. They operate out of the heart of Salt Lake City, pushing the boundaries of consulting, finance, and financial services. Visit them at Checkmate Equity.

In conclusion, Salt Lake City is an energizing hive of financial services innovation. These startups are not only bolstering Utah’s already vibrant economy, but they’re transforming the broad finance landscape with cutting-edge fintech solutions. They are helping to shape a more efficient, transparent, and accessible financial future, further solidifying Salt Lake City’s growing reputation as a hub for startups and tech innovation.

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