Exploring Salt Lake City’s Top Influential Startup Apps in 2023

From sports marketplaces to personalized-banking solutions, Salt Lake City, Utah provides a hotbed of innovation in the tech app startups scene. Each startup is unique in its mission, leadership, and industry focus. This vibrant city in the US has paved the way for pioneering mobile applications, serving as a testament to its thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. This article will take a deep-dive into 15 interesting startups to watch, highlighting their compelling narratives and key offerings.


Founded by Taylor Mott and Willie Ford, Givego operates as an on-demand marketplace. It bridges the gap between enthusiasts and experts, along with relevant brands in the E-commerce, Education, Marketplace, Mobile Apps, and Sports industries.


OODA Pro is a cutting-edge marketing platform providing tools, support, and resources to businesses. The app startup focuses on Business Development, Digital Marketing, Mobile Apps, and Software.


GoShare360 facilitates a unique platform for users to share everything. The app primarily operates in the Apps industry.


Econus simplifies sustainable living by offsetting our consumption with micro, spare change donations. The startup provides solutions in the Apps, Mobile Apps, and Software sectors.


Co-founded by Jeffrey A. Long, TextBot.ai offers a range of chatbot services for businesses spread across Advertising, Business Development, Customer Service, IT, Marketing, Mobile Apps, and Software industries.

Express Evaluations

Express Evaluations, founded by Albert Foster, aims to provide robust people management tools. It functions in the Apps, Human Resources, and Software sectors.

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Developed by Divya Menon and Kyle Mallory, CTRL-F innovates in the realm of Augmented Reality Software. It operates within the Apps, Augmented Reality, and Software industries.


Kwik is a business rooted in SaaS, Mobile App, and Blockchain realms with a focus on Affiliate Marketing, Blockchain, Loyalty Programs, Mobile Apps, and Software.


Founded by Justin Means, Outtakes is an American software company specializing in platform development, computer vision, and generative artificial intelligence.


Outdoorpals, set up by Robert Meinhold, is the perfect app for those who love outdoor activities. The app allows you to meet new people and get outside. It operates within the Mobile Apps, Outdoors, Social Network, and Wellness sectors.

Guide Shipping Protection

Guide Shipping Protection is a SAAS web application designed for online merchants. It operates in the Apps, E-Commerce, Mobile Apps, SaaS, and Software industries.


Skavengerz is a marketing platform providing mobile gaming apps. The startup notably operates in the Apps, Marketing, and Mobile Apps sectors.


Co-founded by George Guo and Tanner Ve Merrill, SHY is a speed-networking application that connects users within the same industries or with shared contacts. It predominately operates in the Apps, Mobile Apps, Private Social Networking, Professional Networking, Social Media, Social Network sectors.

i4 Ops

Established by Hubbert Smith, i4 Ops is a Secure AI Devops solution that prevents insider data breaches, even with multi-party projects. It provides solutions in the Apps, IT, and Software sectors.

Balance Money

Balance Money offers a personalized-banking solution built to empower customers by giving them more control of their finances. It has a focus on the Apps, Banking, Financial Services, FinTech, Mobile Apps, and Software industries.

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Perhaps, the ever-evolving scene of app startups in Salt Lake City, Utah unveils the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of the city, bringing forth innovative solutions to the fore. From connecting individuals to promoting sustainable living, these startups have created an undeniable impact traversing various industries.

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