Revolutionizing Miami: Top Trailblazing Video Startups of 2023 Unveiled

Florida’s vibrant city of Miami, renowned for its sun-soaked beaches and thriving nightlife, is increasingly becoming a hub for innovative startups. It’s especially true for the video industry, a sector seeing an impressive growth across the world. The companies under spotlight range from social media platforms to innovative video editing tools, eSports platforms and more. Let’s lift the veil on this lively startup scene through these fifteen interesting ventures.

Hey Social

Hey Social, a unique platform that aids tech companies to exponentially acquire more users by partnering with TikTok creators. Through targeted endorsements by popular influencers, they aid tech firms to significantly expand their user bases.


Wisecut found a niche in combining artificial intelligence with video editing. Its platform can turn hours of video into compelling clips using generative AI and speech recognition technology. The startup was founded by brothers Ivo and Vicente Machado.


IndieONE is a platform offering independent content creators across various media channels like TV, Radio and LIVE Events. Founded by Alex Linares and Darrin Scorpio Campbell, it stands as a global live media space.

Reveel Entertainment

A contribution by Matthew Tims and William Cheverie, Reveel Entertainment is an online platform for streaming original movies, series, and short videos.


Designed by John Rosa and Pedro Gomes, Phyrexi offers a seamless multiplayer solution for game creators. This platform aids in the development and execution of online games.

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Freeplay, a gaming studio in the industry of digital entertainment, focuses on the development of engaging mobile games.


Cray combines travel and technology to provide content search, watch, book, and share travel information. Their unique video application revitalizes travel experiences.

Undead. Games

Undead. Games, an innovative video games studio, specializes in creating user-generated content. Some of its top award-winning games are developed for Roblox. The studio was founded by Eric Pardo.


Gamercraft serves as the competitive hub for amateur eSports players. This platform is dedicated to fostering competitive boundaries within eSports and online games.

Spazious, the e-vent company

Spazious combines a Booking Engine, a 3D Configurator, and an Event Management Solution to increase bookings for event venues and guest rooms. Antonio Batanero Girbau and Borja de Francisco are the brains behind this event management solution.


Seeconds, through its mobile app, generates short, current videos. It caters to the growing demand for bite-sized content in the mobile apps and social media space.

Pixie Pictures

Pixie Pictures provides illustrations and animations services for print and video production. Its expertise lies in animation, printing, and video.


DRAGO is a studio that offers creative solutions in brand identity, social media content, and motion graphics. It’s a perfect blend of digital marketing, graphic design, and video editing services.


DX GAMEWORKS specializes in the creation of a Game Accelerator Ecosystem. It was founded by Andre Freitas with a strong focus on console and PC games.

Neptune’s Cloud

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Neptune’s Cloud, founded by Wayne Messam II, draws the lines between education, technology, and video games. It explores the immersive capabilities of edTech with the thrill of digital entertainment.

From this crowded and diverse landscape of startups, one thing is clear – Miami is a fertile ground for innovative ideas and video technology. The video landscape there is diverse, with an emphasis on the use of state-of-the-art technology and AI. Artists, creators, and video gamers alike can find in it a wealth of resources to tap into. Miami’s startup scene is one to watch!

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