Revolutionizing NY Living: Influential Residential Startups Thriving in 2023

New York City, often described as the hub of innovation, is home to numerous innovative startups. Particularly, the residential sector is seeing an impressive influx of startup-company pioneers seeking to revolutionize the living situation for many New Yorkers. These startups range from health care services for seniors, real estate firms, brokerages, technology integration solution providers, and more. In this article, we will highlight the profiles of some residential startups that are making headways in New York, New York, United States.

Affirmed Home Care

Affirmed Home Care is a startup that specialises in providing nursing, infusion therapy, and rehabilitation services for seniors. Their focus is primarily on elder care, health care, home health care along with nursing and residential care. Though much is not known about their individual founders, their collective mission is firmly set in providing the best in health care for the elderly.

BH Realty Group

BH Realty Group is a residential real estate brokerage firm with an expertise in landlord representation, leasing, sales, and marketing. Presently soaring high in the leasing, real estate, sales, and residential space, BH Realty continues to set the pace in landlord representation and property negotiation.

Madison Mortgage Services

Madison Mortgage Services is a financial firm that offers real estate and brokerage services for residential mortgage loans. Their core areas of specialization are finance, financial services, real estate investment and residential property dealings.

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Electronic Arcitekture

Electronic Arcitekture is a startup that provides integration technology, acoustic solutions, AV, and network design services for commercial and residential structures.

Cogency Integrated Healthcare IPA

Cogency Integrated Healthcare IPA offers mental health, substance use disorder and primary care services. It operates across the education, health care, home health care, medical, residential, and training industries.


feeless is an internet real estate startup that specializes in NYC apartment rentals without a fee. It was founded by Jonathan Kuo with a vision to streamline the apartment hunting process in the city.


RentCity seeks to enhance the renting experience by providing full transparency on apartment quality through their rating and review system.

Done. Life Beyond Cleaning

Done is a marketplace comprised of cleaning professionals that provide high-quality services for residential properties.


Daisy, founded by Yotam Cohen, is a tech-driven condo and co-op management company that operates within the consumer, property management and residential industries.

Welcome Homes

Welcome Homes is an online home-building platform that simplifies and makes affordable the process of buying and designing new homes. It was founded by Alec Hartman, Ben Uretsky, and Jesse Mauro.


Mayell operates as a residential real estate brokerage agency.

Vertical Real Estate

Vertical Real Estate offers pre-development, marketing, branding, and administrative services for leasing properties.

Length x Width

Length x Width provides residential and commercial rental and sales services.


Stayland is a real estate brokerage firm that offers vacation rental and property management services.


Finally, Summer, a real estate company co-founded by Paul Kromidas and Woods Buckley operates in the sectors of hospitality, property management, real estate investment and residential properties. They also specialize in vacation rentals.

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All the startups outlined above are demonstrating innovation and disruption in the residential sector in New York City. They each offer unique solutions to the various challenges faced in this industry, and together, they are shaping the future of the residential landscape in New York City and beyond.

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