Revolutionizing Retail: New York’s Influential Startups Reimagine Commerce in 2023

New York City, the bustling heart of the United States, is known for its dazzling blend of tradition and innovation. As a center for startups, it ranks high for nurturing disruptors across industries, one of which is retail. This piece highlights some exciting retail startups based in New York City, shedding light on their disruptive ideas, industries, founders, and what sets them apart in the retail ecosystem.

These startups are revitalizing the retail industry by leveraging technologically advanced solutions, unique business strategies, and customer-centric approaches. They come from diverse sectors within retail, including jewelry, e-commerce, technology, consumer goods, digital marketing, fashion, and manufacturing – a testament to the dynamic nature of New York’s retail scene.

The startups highlighted are paving the way for the future of retail in a post-pandemic era. They’re steering away from traditional norms, focusing more on personalization, sustainability, quality, and innovation to meet the ever-evolving customer needs and expectations. Let’s unwrap the unique propositions of these bold startups.


Founded by Anna Harman and Lisa Bubbers, Studs is a piercing studio designed to entice millennial and Gen-Z customers. This startup lies in the convergence of consumer, jewelry, and retail sectors, providing a fresh, conscious take on body jewelry.

Hey Rowan

Co-founded by Louisa Schneider, Hey Rowan offers a magical adventure full of milestones and exciting experiences for shoppers in the retail industry.


Founded by Fabricio Miranda and Jair Verçosa, Flieber develops a multi-channel inventory optimization tool for online retailers, improving e-commerce, retail technology, and supply chain management processes.

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Minoan Experience

Minoan Experience, founded by Marc Hostovsky and Shobhit Khandelwal, helps short-term rentals and boutique hotels enhance their appeal through their customizable, curated retail platform, catering to the e-commerce and retail sectors.


Co-founded by Josh Udashkin and Simon Huck, Judy sells ready-kits for natural disasters and home emergencies. This startup falls in the consumer goods, first aid, and retail sectors.


Singuli, founded by Benjamin Kelly and Thierry Bertin-Mahieux, is an inventory optimization platform that provides spreadsheet tools for retailers. It combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, retail technology, and SaaS to transform retail operations.


Co-founded by Jinesh Shah and Leigh Sevin, Endear is a consumer CRM that empowers retail teams to magnify their sales in-store and online through the power of relationships using digital marketing, marketing automation, and retail technology.


Founded by Jaden Levitt, Pan Pan, and Ronak Trivedi, Pietra takes commerce to the next level. This innovative startup provides everyone with the tools they need to start and scale their brand, focusing on collaboration, content creation, e-commerce, internet, logistics, and retail technology.

Dora Maar

Lauren Wilson, the founder of Dora Maar, has developed a next-generation luxury fashion platform. The platform enables influencers to monetize their sense of style through e-commerce, fashion, and the retail marketplace.


Seasons, founded by Luc Succes and Regy Perlera, is a fashion rental platform offering a mix of luxury apparel as part of the retail industry.

Snaps Ventures

Zach Dallaire’s Snaps Ventures manufactures snaps for hats, specifically designed for national basketball association enthusiasts. The startup caters to the fashion, manufacturing, and retail sectors.

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TheGodThings is dedicated to new technology and innovative printing solutions. The startup is causing ripples in the manufacturing, product design, and retail sectors.


Founded by Alexander Stefanciw and Veena Giridhar Gopal, Salesbeat uses big data and machine learning to prevent stockouts of favorite and relied-on brands at supermarkets, revolutionizing fast-moving consumer goods, information technology, internet, machine learning, marketing, and retail technology spaces.


Co-founded by Alan Lau and Pranav Sachdev, Glyph serves men and women with online clothing services, creating a significant impact in the fashion, retail, and shoe industries.

Purple Fete

James Fantaci’s Purple Fete provides an exclusive boutique luxury Tuscan villa rental and wine consulting services, reshaping the rental, retail, and wine and spirits sectors.

These are just some of the groundbreaking retail startups that call New York home. Their diverse ideas and innovative solutions continue to shape the future of retail, making shopping more convenient, personalized, and exciting. And given New York’s reputation as an innovation hub, we can expect more ground-breaking ideas to disrupt the retail industry in the years to come.

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