Rising Austin Cybersecurity Startups Influencing Tech Landscape in 2023

In the heart of Texas, the bustling city of Austin is a hotbed for innovative startups, particularly those in the cyber security field. The demand for robust, cutting-edge cyber security solutions continues to grow globally, and Austin’s startups are leading the change with their unique solutions. Here are fifteen interesting cyber security startups from Austin, introducing novel technologies and pioneering services in response to the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

These startups span a diverse range of specialties within the cyber security field. From cloud security and network security solutions to AI-driven platforms and advisory services, these organizations drive technological advancement and strive to reshape the way we approach cyber threats. With talented founders at their helms, these startups are at the forefront of innovation, understanding, and security in the digital era.

Let’s meet these innovative startups—one at a time—and delve into who they are, what they do, and how they’re contributing to the world of cyber security.


Spyderbat was established by Brian Smith and Marc Willebeek-LeMair. It offers cloud-native runtime security solutions that detect and halt cyber attacks throughout the software development lifecycle. With a firm focus on cloud, cyber, and network security, this startup ensures the integrity of the software ecosystem despite evolving threats.


SecureIQLab provides businesses with a reliable toolbox of third-party cloud security solutions, validation, and advisory services. They strive to ensure cloud security and data confidentiality in an era where cloud computing is the norm.

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Intrigue Corporation

Co-founded by Jonathan Cran, the Intrigue Corporation offers intelligent attack surface discovery and management. They specialize in detecting vulnerabilities, mapping them, and responding effectively to mitigate damage, reflecting the convergence of cyber security, network security, and information technology.


AlphaWave, created by Cody Pierce and Mark St. John, assists businesses in assessing cyber risks throughout their digital transformation journey. They prioritize understanding their clients’ operational risks and align their cyber-defense strategies accordingly.


Jon Miller and Ryan Smith developed Halcyon with enterprise clients in mind; their technology is structured to protect client systems from the escalating threat of ransomware. Halcyon is devoted to the creation of a safer digital ecosystem.

Sevco Security

With founders Greg Fitzgerald and Jeffrey J. Guy, Sevco Security offers cybersecurity services and products to cyber experts. They help security professionals stay one step ahead of potential threats.

NetRise Inc.

NetRise Inc., established by Michael Scott and Thomas Pace, provides automated, cloud-based computer and network security services. They focus on ensuring that businesses’ online processes are immune from cyber threats.

Infinite Ranges

Ange Mitchell cofounded Infinite Ranges. The IT company offers cyber security and other security solutions that protect organizations from a multitude of threats in the digital world.


Yeetum specializes in targeted information, cyber risk assessment, analysis, and digital security services. They provide businesses with comprehensive defensive strategies against potential online vulnerabilities.

Stratascale, an SHI Company

Providing ‘Digital Agility,’ Stratascale uses a consultative approach to design, deliver, and support technology to transform businesses. The company represents a blend of cloud computing, cyber security, and enterprise software expertise.

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Founded by Jose Almeida and René Kroka, UGWST conducts security audits for web applications, mobile applications, networks, and web3 projects to ensure comprehensive cyber defense.


Co-founders Sameer Sait and Subbu Rama developed BalkanID. Their strength lies in an AI-powered Identity Governance and Administration platform designed for cloud-native environments.


Established by Mark Batchelor and Stephen Shoaff, 443ID is an open-source intelligence cyber security firm. They specialize in real-time identification, access, and risk management, offering a unique approach to cyber security.

Trustwise AI

Trustwise AI, founded by Manoj Saxena and Seth Dobrin, leverages next-generation AI to provide digital safety services. They blend artificial intelligence, cyber security, and information technology to protect clients from the growing spectrum of cyber threats.

Eden Data

Co-founded by Taylor Hersom, Eden Data offers subscription-based security teams to startups. These teams lead the charge on security, compliance, and data privacy, keeping businesses prepared for any potential threats in this evolving digital age.

In summary, these are just a few of the groundbreaking cyber security startups that call Austin, Texas home. From the lens of these companies, it’s clear that Austin’s tech scene remains ripe for innovation, unraveling new paths to security and resilience in our increasingly cyber-centric world.

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