Startup Showcase: Maalexi – Empowering Small Food and Agri-Businesses through Blockchain

Small food and agri-businesses play a critical role in the global food supply chain, yet they face many challenges when it comes to cross-border trade and finance. Maalexi is a blockchain-enabled ecosystem that aims to solve this problem by providing a secure, full-stack platform that helps small food and agri-businesses directly access cross-border trade and finance. With its trade risk mitigation and trade finance solutions, Maalexi is empowering these small businesses to become financially inclusive and double their income.

Bridging the Gap for Small Food and Agri-Businesses

Small food and agri-businesses often find it difficult to engage in cross-border trade due to high trade risks and low or no access to finance. This lack of involvement in cross-border trade exacerbates the global food security challenge. Maalexi aims to bridge this gap by providing small food and agri-businesses with trade risk mitigation and trade finance under one secure, full-stack platform.

The platform allows small food and agri-businesses to acquire financially critical data directly from the point of origin, which is made visible to participants on a real-time basis. This data is then secured through blockchain applications, building trust between trading users and financial institutions. Maalexi mitigates six critical risks in cross-border trade, including counterparty, legal, quality and quantity, documentary, delivery, and payment or credit. Their platform provides proprietary data analysis processes, which are reinforced by AI and ML tools, with built-in blockchain-based traceability and security, seamless risk mitigation, and embedded trade finance options.

Revolutionizing the Cross-Border Trade and Finance Landscape

Maalexi is revolutionizing the cross-border trade and finance landscape by providing a platform that enables small food and agri-businesses to access trade and finance in a seamless and secure manner. The platform offers a high degree of automation, which ensures negligible incremental transactional costs for financial institutions, allowing them to scale and execute the smallest trades securely through the platform with full end-to-end visibility and no space for fraudulent activity.

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By empowering small food and agri-businesses to double their income, Maalexi is enhancing the sustainability of food supply chains and fulfilling its mission to strengthen global food security. The platform is also promoting financial inclusion by providing access to trade and finance to small food and agri-businesses, who otherwise may not have had access to these services.

Join the Maalexi Ecosystem Today

Maalexi is a game-changer for small food and agri-businesses, offering them the opportunity to access cross-border trade and finance in a secure and seamless manner. The platform’s use of blockchain technology provides trust and transparency to participants, while its trade risk mitigation and trade finance solutions make cross-border trade more accessible to small businesses.



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