Rising Professional Services Startups Reshaping LA’s Business Landscape in 2023

Los Angeles, the city of dreams and the land of sun-soaked beaches, is recognized for its highly dynamic and diverse start-up landscape. From health-tech to e-commerce, this Californian city is a hotbed of entrepreneurial talent, creativity, and ingenuity. In this feature, we turn our gaze to professional services start-ups reinventing traditional service sectors. We celebrate their commitment to pushing the boundaries, offering new value and driving the city’s economic engine.

These start-ups redefine the professional services industry, from investment advisory to digital marketing and health diagnostics. In addition, they infuse cutting-edge technology, data sciences, and an innovative mindset to improve customer experience, engagement, and outcomes. Through their endeavors, they are prompting traditional service providers to rethink their approaches and recalibrate their strategies.

Let’s dive in and explore some of the intriguing professional services start-ups hailing from the City of Angels.

IEQ Capital

IEQ Capital, co-founded by Eric Harrison, stands at the intersection of advice, financial services, and professional services. They serve as an investment advisor, guiding their clients towards intelligent financial decisions and secure futures.

Fessex Consulting

Fessex Consulting is into data analytics, predictive analytics, data science, marketing optimization, and automation services. The professionals at Fessex leverage their skills and knowledge to help businesses make data-driven decisions.


139BizOps is committed to crafting the future finance leaders through its avant-garde financial and professional services. They provide a unique blend of financial acumen and innovative thinking to the upcoming finance leaders.

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Unruly Agency

Unruly Agency is a leader in influencer marketing, content creation, social media, and digital marketing services. They offer innovative marketing solutions customized to their clients’ needs.


Founded by Matt Pril, AnamXR is a B2B web-based virtual eCommerce and experience platform. They offer a unique blend of e-commerce, IT, professional services, and software solutions.

Total Testing Solutions

Total Testing Solutions brings innovative ideas in health care, health diagnostics, and professional services. They provide individual, site, swab, business, and concierge Covid-19 testing solutions and vaccine services.


GiftSuite, founded by Sangita Verma and Shireen Gupta, revolutionizes the gifting world through its E-Commerce platform that offers corporate, business, and custom gift solutions.


nFormation, established by Michelle Courtney Berry and Suparna Basu-Ravis, is a community for women of color. This membership-based platform offers professional services and training.

Good To Vote

Co-founded by Ben Relles, Good To Vote is a social and civic organization that ensures people are prepared to vote. They are a perfect blend of community service and professional services.


Maximaas, founded by David Mora, is a Marketing as a Service company providing turn-key marketing automation solutions to their clients.


Bean, co-founded by Anees Pretorius and Cono Onorato, is a SaaS enabled market network and workflow management platform for accounting services. They bridge the gap between accounting and fintech.

Beagle Services

With Paul Vacquier at its helm, Beagle positions itself as a trusted water security partner providing water monitoring and leak detection technology.

Zella Life

Zella Life is a minority-owned, woman-led coaching and development company. They offer consultation and transformational coaching.

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EMC Hospitality

EMC Hospitality is a full-service foodservice consulting organization that prides itself on providing expertise in the hospitality sector and professional services.

GS Entertainment Marketing Group

GS Entertainment Marketing Group offers a range of services- product placements, promotions, advertising, media buying, merchandising, and licensing. They are a one-stop-shop providing comprehensive marketing solutions.

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